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Mar 21, 2009 10:05 AM

Recommendations for the 18th

I will be staying in an apartment in the 18th near Montmartre in May and am curious of any good bakeries and markets in the area.

I've found Del Montel for a bakery and Alleosse for a cheese place, but thus far I haven't come across any markets that would be good places to find items to make for meal when not dining in restaurants. Also, are there any good bars/wine bars/bistros that would be good places for nights when one would want to have a bottle of wine and linger?

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  1. There is a saturday market in rue Ordener - downhill from Delmontel in rue Damremont, both sides of the junction: there is another about 400m east of the junction... Good fish there just off rue Ordener. Also an excellent chocolatier a couple of doors down from Delmontel and a good fromagerie 100m up on the other side of the road (Virginie) . Also a Vietnamese hotspot at the eastern end of the 18th if you want to eat some pho or buy the ingredients.

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      Virginie is the shop that sells a number of cheeses from the Arriege, an area without much representation elsewhere in France, try them.

    2. And of course rue Lepic if you are on that side of the butte.