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Mar 21, 2009 09:39 AM

Raw Milk & Long Island

I realize there's no place I can get it out here, as NY restricts raw milk sales to farms. But what be the closest place upstate (or CT, where stores can sell it)?

Cow's milk specifically.

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    1. re: kimcheater

      Yes. But I don't know the Connecticut towns well enough to tell how close the farms are, and the list doesn't say which STORES in CT sell it--or, to the extent it does (when they mention a particular farm's retailers), only in a relatively general way. The closest place I saw in NY is Ottsville, about 2 hours from LI, and I wasn't sure if I'd missed something.

    2. Try Makinajian's on Cuba Hill Rd, Huntington.

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      1. re: chaz

        They have milk? The only listings I see for them is as a poultry farm. This is their web site:

      2. There's a Farmers Market on Saturday's in Greenwhich, Ct. I believe off 95 exit 3, starting again in May.
        I believe Beaver Brook Farm sells raw milk there.

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        1. re: chefstu

          OK thanks; I guess waiting for May is the thing to do.