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Mar 21, 2009 08:20 AM


my wife is having a party next weekend. she wants to have BIG bagels and good cream cheese. olive, salmon, etc. anyone have any suggestions within lawrence, lowell, haverhill or the surrounding areas. we checked dunkins, brueggers and top donut. she hopes to find a local place that has an awesome product.

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  1. If you have a Whole Foods in the area, they carry Iggy's bagels which are huge. Their own bagels are good, too.

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    1. re: OverTheHill

      I love Whole Foods' bagels. Dunkin is soggy, pieces of crap. Even Tim Hortons is better than Dunkins.Don't bother with Panera Bread either. They suck too.

      Anyway, try searching this board. Bagels are a popular topic.

    2. Perfecto's Caffe in N. Andover does decent bagels in a lot of interesting flavors. Not the best, but probably the best in the area you are looking for,

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      1. re: Infomaniac

        The best I've ever had can be found at Bagel World in Reading on Main St Rte 28.

        1. re: sinned61

          Your right.....Bagel World makes an excellent bagel, but if I'm going to go that far from Haverhill, I usually head to Katz Bagels in Chelsea.

          1. re: Infomaniac

            Where is Katz's??? I think I need to try them!

            1. re: sinned61


              Park Street between Central and Congress Ave's. Parking can be tough.

              1. re: Infomaniac

                thanks infomaniac.....

                any recommendations as to what bagel is the best? Egg, Onion etc???

                1. re: sinned61

                  Egg bagels are my favorite, hands down.

                  1. re: sinned61

                    I like the garlic, onion, plain, and pizza bagles.

                    1. re: Infomaniac

                      Do they make an EVERYTHING Bagel??? My downfall!

                      1. re: sinned61

                        I don't think I've ever seen an everything bagel at downfall also.

              2. re: Infomaniac

                ditto on katz
                we used to go there in the wee hrs of the morning buy them from his back door fresh cooked too hot to handle