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Mar 21, 2009 08:15 AM

Lunch near Flying Fish Brewery Cherry Hill

My husband and I are heading to Flying Fish Brewery in Cherry Hill for a tour. We have eaten at a couple of diners in the area but would be interested in something a little lighter. Maybe Korean, Sushi etc. Any suggestions?

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  1. For the best sushi anywhere next door to Cherry Hill is Fuji in Haddonfield. IMO, nothing comes close.

    I know your going for a lighter lunch but Chef Ito's Kaiseki dinners are fantastic. I've been to them and they are amazing. The legend is that Chef Ito's creativity is so diverse that he has never duplicated a dish on his Kaiseki menu.
    It just might be true ;)

    1. For Sushi Agree Fuji is great.

      For Upscale Great Chinese Chez Elena Wu

      For Great Chinese Joe's Peking Duck House Marlton NJ
      145 Route 73 S
      Marlton, NJ 08053
      (856) 985-1551

      1. There is a good Vietnamese Restaurant, Pho Eden, about a quarter mile away from FFB. When you leave,go out to Springdale, and make a right. It's in a small shopping center on the left side, corner of Springdale and Greentree. It's BYOB and very inexpensive.
        Agree about Fuji.

        1. salvarez- based on your post and the great weather, dh and i might just do the same thing today- maybe we'll see you there! does anyone have any non-asian recommendations (we has wasabi house on friday)? otherwise, i think we will head to red stone in marlton.

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            Lots of chain restaurants around there, unfortunately. If you like Italian, try Mirabella on Route 70, about 2 miles away or on Route 73 about the same distance away is La Posata.

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              Other Italian places we like nearby are Pietro's Coal Fired Oven next to the Barnes and Noble and Rt. 70 and Toscana's at the Village Walk, also Rt. 70. I also like Pho Eden alot.