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Mar 21, 2009 07:47 AM

Is there a way to bake this instead of frying? (Brunch ideas needed)

Hi all --- This recipe (above) looks scrumptious! I I was wondering if this Rabanada (Brazilian-Style French Toast) could be baked (high temp?) instead of fried. I was considering making it for a brunch (20 ladies), and don't have the time to fry that much on-demand.

Also, (and I have a while to get the menu straight), I will be hosting a brunch in early June as a bridal shower (theme of the shower itself is monogram), and I would like to construct a menu that is not typical (if I can stay away from mini ham biscuits, fruit salad, breakfast casserole, etc., I would like too - just so there is something different for people to remember. That is why I was thinking this Rabanada sounded interesting... individual french toast "sticks" and then I could have little cups of syrup on the side since this will not be a formal "sit down".

I'm sure the girls will be more interested in the bloody marys and mimosas, anyhow. LOL. (and on that note, are there any other morning friendly brunch drinks than the-always-expected bloody marys and mimosas?


Thanks so much!

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  1. soak the bread as it says and then put into a baking dish and bake as a bread pudding.
    350 degrees, check after 25 mins for doneness. it will be lightly browned but still wiggles in the middle a little. give that a try.

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      one other thing, cut the bread into cubes instead of slices, this will help it come together into the bread pudding texture better.

    2. as far as drinks go, considering that it will be summertime, you could do a few different iced teas - black, mint, and maybe a fruity or floral herbal. sparklers with fruit juice are great too. just some club soda or seltzer, a splash of juice, and maybe a drizzle of simple syrup for a little sweetness.

      1. LOTS of brunch ideas besides those you listed. As a Personal Chef I get asked to do brunch groups of 20 or so frequently. I'd do a couple different quiches, some classic finger sandwiches (cucumber, salmon & cream cheese, etc cut in fancy shapes), and something like fruit-filled empanadas (puff pastry plus jam and/or whole fruit). A brie en croute with crackers. Perhaps a chilled fruit soup (whole fruit meets plain yogurt in your blender; thin with lemon-lime soda and serve in wine glasses). Coffee, tea and a sparkling fruit punch of any kind (champagne or cold duck plus a gallon of fruit punch from the megamart). If you're west of Louisiana I might offer chiles rellano casserole rather than quiches. Here in Florida I would offer a Florida Salad with citrus fruit wedges, cherry tomatoes, cukes, and more with a citrus viniagrette; or make it a Chef's salad by adding fish or chicken..

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        1. There's another quasi-french toast recipe on Chow reipes - using large cubes of bread. I believe they are cooked in the ordinary french toast manner - with a modest amount of butter. It's supposed to be a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe (Hookstra or something like that).

          The Brazilian recipe sounds a bit like a Spanish french-toast like dessert (torrijas)

          1. Being in FL also KC, I love fresh sparkling wine or champagne with mango juice and some chamboard, float some fresh raspberries or vodka with a mango liquor and fresh strawberries. Lots of luscious sweet but not sweet drinks.

            I cater a lot of brunches too. Puff pasty just formed in small cones with a lobster salad. Wine glasses served with breakfast. The bottom, roasted potatoes, then a drizzle of hollandaise, then grilled shallots with pancetta, then sauteed spinach, and then poached egg, hollandaise to top. This is all served is decorative wine glasses. This is great with lobster instead of pancetta and a citrus lime hollandaise sauce or polenta and chorizzo and a spicy pepper hollandaise.

            I love breakfast pizza with creme fraische, scrambeled eggs, some fresh pancetta slices and wild mushrooms with fresh mozzarella or fontina cheese. Another with spinach, shrimp and goat cheese all thin slices

            Fresh baked crescent rolls stuffed with a bacon, onion and gruyere, and a light scallion dipping sauce.

            Mushrooms (crimini) stuffed with small quail eggs and baked. As a main course. Use a portabello, put a small mix of fine chopped onion and pancetta on the bottom of a portabello, also slightly grilled to lightly soften, Then top the onion and pancetta mix with a slice of a nice tomato. Top with an egg and bake until done. I like to serve with a nice cheese sauce. Gruyere is my favorite but lots of possibilities.

            I like to make french toast then cut cut in 4 pieces and then put a layer of a fruit preserve and then a layer of honey, nuts and cream cheese on top of one quarter and top with another, Then top again with the fruit layer and the cream cheese mix and then top with another bread slice. Serve with a fresh fruit compote.

            Small smoked salmon sandwiches or bruschetta is always a hit for me. I also steam white and green aspargus and wrap with smoked salmon and serve with a lemon cream dip. Most people really like it.

            I also do fresh bread on a stick with a fruit dipping sauce. I make regular french toast but with vanilla and honey but cut in cubes. Then skewer and serve with a fruit dipping sauce with a little orange liquor. Lots of fun.

            Puff pasty cups in a muffin tin and then filled after baked with a mango, smoked salmon and cucumber salad or filled with a shrimp and citrus salad. Both great and easy.

            Last one ... Avacados halved and then most of the meat removed and then filled with a eggs, avacado, olive, onion and tomato filling. served with fresh citrus slices marinated in honey, lime and walnuts.

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              Thank you so much for such an amazing reply. I am printing this off right now. I appreciate, so much, your taking such an exceptional amount of time to reply so thoughtfully.

              (& disregard my reply to your other post about the Kentucky Derby party --- I can tell from this you will have *no* trouble with the construction of the Scotch eggs! [they are tricky for some people, including me, but I can tell you will be able to whip them up in a jiffy!])

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                No worries, never made them. They look great. I sent a reply. I've screwed up the easiest recipes at times haven't we all, so I'm sure I will make my mistakes on them until I get it right. But they look yummy!!

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                  I forgot, mini croissants which you can find at most places with a host of fillings.

                  Spinach, smoked salmon and a herbed spread cheese and lightly toasted
                  Fresh mango, nuts, honey and cream cheese on a toasted mini croissant

                  Hash brown cups. Store bought hashbrown, add some peppers, onions, cumin and some spicy sausage and pepper jack cheese, 1 egg and then mix in a bowl. Press into small muffin tins sprayed with pam. Bake until the cheese melts and the potatoes brown. Easy and quick bites.

                  Standard, but fun, small mini pumpernickle loaf with a herbed cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber slices for something lighter.

                  Also you can buy puff pasty miniture cups or pastry shells pre made. Fill with a mix of fresh berries, some marscapone cheese, pecans, granola, and honey garnished with a sugared orange slice and fresh mint Or just fill with ricotta, top with honey and some simmer sauteed fruit and nuts. Equally as good and easy.

                  You can also use some great slices of brioche and dip in egg and cinnimon and nutmeg and make a french toast in a way and then spread with a mix of cream cheese, nuts, honey and top with a couple of fresh slices of strawberries.