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Mar 21, 2009 07:41 AM

New Restaurant in Crestwood? - moved from Outer Boroughs board

They have removed the construction wall from the old Korean market and the new facade looks like a restaurant - does anyone know if there is a new eatery coming to Crestwood Village (near Metro North train station)?

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  1. I noticed it too - they now have a sign in front calling the place Stephen's Green. The place looks kind of pubby, but I don't know anything more.

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    1. re: sasilv

      I could not find a web site for it but judging from what I did find it may be an Irish pub.

      1. re: Jon1856

        Let's all chant now: "Burger option...burger option...".

        1. re: addictedtolunch

          it is a new restaurant opening this month.

          1. re: february25th

            it's open with a limited menu till 6/4. Guinness, Harp, Stella, Bud Lite and a couple others on tap. The limited menu had wings, calamari, sliders, fish and chips and a burger (that's all I can remember.) It's very cool inside, they definitely did a nice job on the reno.

            1. re: jtimson

              It's in a perfect place, but it's should have opened up a few weeks ago. There was some serious buzz in town, but it all but seems to have died down now that Martini & Chocolate is getting so many good things said about it. Plus, it' is opening down the street from three burger joints and across the street from another good restaurant that serves good burgers.

              I think and hope they do well. They should definitely get a nice rush hour off the train crowd, but they will have to compete with the staples in town. One plus is the public lot a few feet away. Big plus if you know Eastchester/Tuckahoe restaurants. I definitely plan on trying it this week or next!

              1. re: jhopp217

                Is this near the Crestwood or Tuckahoe train station? I am confused.

                1. re: rolise

                  It is near located near Crestwood Station, it is in the space that was occupied by the Crestwood Market.

                  1. re: chowdom

                    I went there the other day just to check it out. I had just finished lunch, so I didn't order anything. The place looks very nice. Menu is pretty standard pub grub. Look forward to trying it. The place is in a great location, but the food better be spot on, because burgers and comfort food are served at too many places locally which have a following for them to draw dinner crowds if it's not.

                    1. re: jhopp217

                      Went there the other day Had side onion rings ($4) frozen not homemade, Buffalo burger good Hamburger seemed packaged also nothing great but the sauted onions and shrooms were fine Fries were some of the worst I've ever had like they were sitting around sinc the afternoon crowd (Will stick with PK when I want this stuff) Service was great pleasant and friendly

                      1. re: laketrout

                        What exactly do you mean when you say packaged? That sounds downright scary.

                        1. re: laketrout

                          I've only tried one potato skin that was delicious (nice amount of bacon and real melted cheddar). Friends had a burger which they said was good. Not Kilt level, but good. I also am surprised about the onion ring comment, because two peole had them and said they were delcious. They were huge also, doubt they were frozen.

                        2. re: jhopp217

                          Had the Buffalo Burger(not flavored, but actual buffalo meat) with chipotle seasoning-GREAT! Cooked to my exact order(not like most of the burger joints in town). Wings need alot of work. Fried mushrooms are good but the sauce is bland-needs horseradish or a remoulade. Best sliders I've tried except for Morton's( a favorit place of yours-jhopp)

                          1. re: SeanPK

                            Finally made it there for dinner, and I have to second SeanPK's review of the Buffalo Burger - the meat was flavorful and juicy (it was my husband's order, so I only got a bite, but yummy!). I got the sheppard's pie, which was very delicious - moist, flavorful. If you have kids, go early to avoid the crushing crowds (Friday night).

        2. Does anyone know the phone number?

          1. I just had dinner here last night, and I agree with everyones comments about the inside! It's like kinda hip, but also Irish pub like.
            So the menu was like interesting. Lot's of Irish food (curry chips, shepherds pie, fish and chips) but it also had like a nice offering of like trying to be a little more upscale food. I guess I got that upscale feeling because the menu was printed in a nice font and the decor was nice. The presentation of the food was actually quite nice.

            My date had the shepherds pie and i had sliders! We shared the Irish Nachos (with corned beef!) The Nachos were good but nothing really special, it just had like corned beef scattered around. The sliders I liked, BUT they were like cooked Medium. Which I wouldn't mind but they asked me how I wanted them and I said Medium Rare. I'm sure it's more difficult to cook smaller burgers but then why give the option of medium rare? The onions on them were deliciously carmelized and awesome! The shepherds pie was aiight. It was like in a cute little oval dish. Nothing crazy.

            The waiters and waitresses were super nice tho. A lot of times, my enthusiasm of food and the items of menus annoys waiters but they were patient!

            1. I usually just go to Stephen's Green to have a couple of beers, but I've tried a few things since this post started. The sliders are delicious. I'm not a slider guy, because I like my burgers cooked medium rare, but they came out pretty right the time I got them and I even enjoyed them well which is odd. The potato skins are very good. The curry chicken dish is superb. I have not yet had the Shepherd's Pie, but will definitely try it in the near future. Two days ago I tried the pulled pork quesadilla. While I found $10.50 to be a little much for a quesadilla with a garnish salad, the flavor was very good. It wasn't overly drenched with sauce, which was nice. I like to actually taste the pork when I have pulled pork. I'm definitely going to keep trying new things...especially the Shepherd's Pie.

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              1. re: jhopp217

                went there for lunch on St. Paddy's day.. my friend had the Potato Leek Soup and Fish & Chips.. which were made perfectly -- nice and crunchy and soft flaky fish inside.. I had the bangers & mash -- again, beautifully done -- sausages were cooked just right - not overdone, which can happen in pubs, sometimes..and the mashed potatoes were fresh-- made w/red potatoes.. gravy was good too -- nice with carmelized onions...

                Good selection of beers... will go again to check out the rest of the very interesting menu... more upscale than the regular pub offerings, but yet within pub prices... A nice addition to the neighborhood!

                Also-- meter parking is available just down the block - and Crestwood RR station is one block away away!

                1. re: swept

                  Swept, they also have a few spaces in the back of the restaurant in the parking lot. There is an entrance there too.