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Mar 21, 2009 07:15 AM

Finding kitchen supply stores?

I live in Chelmsford MA, 35 mi NW of Boston. (Boston is too far away to shop) We do most of our shopping in Nashua NH, also in greater Lowell MA These two cities plus their suburbs comprise about a half-million people. But I'm having difficulty finding a good kitchen-supply/cookware store around here. (doesn't everyone have to cook and eat?)

Up until a few years ago we had two. I'm always looking for kitchen stuff - pizza stone, mortar and pestle, baking pans, etc. I'm looking for a store that has a SELECTION of these things so I can pick the one I like. I don't want to buy on the internet because I like to touch and hold kitchen tools to assess their quality and how they'll feel in my hands.

When I Google on "kitchen store" or "kitchen supplies" I get hits on businesses that install kitchen cabinets. I tried "Cookware" and "Massachusetts" I got hits in Albany and White River Junction in Vermont!

The nearest cookware store to me is William Sonoma down in Burlington but they seem to mostly sell expensive yuppie stuff, and not a very big selection. I'm looking for one of those crowded, cluttered kitchen supply stores that has everything, and lots of it. That's how the stores that went out of business were.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Have you tried "restaurant supply"?

    1. Try a search Under (kitchen supply direct) There are a lot of on line ordering places, as this seems like the only way you are going to find anything you are looking for with out a long ride. We have a store in Ct. on the Berlin Tpke. In Berlin Ct. but that's a long way for you to go browsing. Hope this helps you some what! Earle

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        Ooh, ooh! More info, please! Do you know of any others in CT, preferably south or east?

        1. re: theferlyone

          theferlyone: Are you familiar with Chef's in Wallingford, CT?

          Earle...I am up and down the pike all the time...where in Berlin are you talkin' about? :)

          1. re: kattyeyes

            Classic Restaurant Supply on Murphy Road in Hartford, right off of Route 91. Their retail store is not to be believed!

            1. re: shaogo

              Oh, right--I know Classic, thanks. I was thrown off b/c Earle said it was on the pike in Berlin. Maybe there's another store we don't know about? :) I am stumped!

              While we're on the topic of kitchen supply places in the Hartford area, let's throw Everything For the Kitchen in East Hartford (on the Glastonbury line) into the mix. It's in the same building as Shampoo One, kind of diagonally across from Putnam Bridge Plaza. Not a giant spot like Classic or Chef's, but may come in handy for those who are looking.

              Another favorite when we're in Northampton is Different Drummer's Kitchen.

              And my last piece of advice is not to skip La Fiorentina (bakery) if any hound gets to NoHo...especially for cannoli!

              1. re: kattyeyes

                Hi, did you hear Everything for the kitchen had a pretty bad fire? Haven't been by so don't really know the status.....thanks for the other recs though, I need to check them out.

                1. re: geminigirl

                  I did because it also impacted the spa at Shampoo One (above that location). The other part of Shampoo One is still open, but as the spa was right above the kitchen store, both were hit hard. I haven't heard when either the spa or Everything for the Kitchen will be open again. What a shame! :(

                2. re: kattyeyes

                  Update: extensive fire damage to Everything For the Kitchen in East Hartford, CT on the Glastonbury line. Currently closed. Hope to see it open again--it's a great little store!

                  1. re: kattyeyes

                    Now I have to go to Chefs in Wallingford. *sigh* No more 1/2 price cookbooks.

              2. re: kattyeyes

                I have been banned from going there w/the kids- I love that place so much I can't get out in under 60 minutes, at least. And I always buy more than I intended! It's great-especially the huge selction of items for the "professional" kitchens.

                Also try Everything for the Kitchen in Glastonbury, CT (Main Street). They have a ton of 1/2 price cookbooks in the back room!

                1. re: stuck in Hartford County

                  Well, not anymore, they don't (see post above from geminigirl, then my reply). It was a very nice store! I do hope they plan to reopen.

                  We have spent similar blocks of time at Chef's. We bought our espresso machine there...among many other things. :)

                  1. re: kattyeyes

                    No way! They did have a working kitchen in there, so maybe that's it. I hope nobody got hurt. Fire sale?

                  2. re: stuck in Hartford County

                    Everything for the kitchen is now open under the name For The Kitchen down the street from the old store. Vicky still owns it. It's in the Bertucci Plaza in Glastonbury. It opened around Thanksgiving 2010.

           for directions.

            2. You can find some selection (and have fun shopping) at Bed, Bath & Beyond. There's surely one somewhere near you. Real kitchen supply stores are few and far between. A local Marshall's if you have one sometimes has the oddest odds and ends, including kitchen goods, and sometimes they ARE really good. Target --- if you don't turn up your nose without investigating-- can supply some things, and I ordered and got a terrific 8 quart Le Creuset type pot at, are you ready? Walmart. A product recommended by Cook's Illustrated, the whole deal. Happy prowling!

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              1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                You got MY attention with the 8 quart comment. I need that size and just can't justify big bucks these days. I make a Will Owen pork shoulder recipe that I've had to put a huge rock (over five pounds cause it's heavier than my cat and that's what she weighs!) on the lid to hold it down. I'll be checking WM post-haste. You won't be seein' any turned up nose on me :)

                1. re: c oliver

                  My bad, c. It's a 6.5 quart size Tramontina (in my house that counts as big). Here's the link:
                  It was $45.00, and they used their interstore delivery so there was no shipping. But I'm afraid that's too small for your pork shoulder, and I'm sorry to have raised your hopes. Keep the rock.

                  1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                    Yeah, I found that out :( I went right to the website and saw it maxed out at 6.5. Ah well, something to be on the lookout for. Thanks anyway, BT.

                    1. re: c oliver

                      Try Home-Goods- saw that pot there a few weeks ago, but didn't see the price. You have to be careful, there, but you can find Le Cruset items, as well as All-Clad at deeply discounted prices. But check for authenticity. Plus, they are owned by Marshalls, so check there, also.

                  2. re: c oliver

                    I searched the web a few years ago, and many people who do a lot of cooking thought that the Tramontino pans were very good. You can purchase them at Walmart. I also recall some Consumer magazine saying that Tramontino made pots like the 5 qt. LaCruesett, but that they only cost $50 or so.

                  3. re: BerkshireTsarina

                    "You can find some selection (and have fun shopping) at Bed, Bath & Beyond.... Marshall's ... Target... Walmart ..."

                    Thanks, but all the places you named are places I already go to. Plus local supermarkets, Kohls, etc. Right now I need a mortar and pestle - the kitchen store that closed in Nashua had a whole selection of them. I'd also like some commercial-quality bakeware.

                    But why is it so hard to find a kitchen store? People have to cook, don't they? I also like to work on my car and there's a car-parts store in almost every town despite the fact that Sears and Walmart, etc, also sell car car parts and tools.

                    I don't want to buy online because you can't assess the quality of tools or containers without looking at it and holding it in your hand. There's too much cheap quality stuff to take that risk.

                    1. re: plnelson

                      You might want to take in mind that most of the "commercial quality" bakeware and cookware will probably seem cheap compared to what is marketed to consumers. It's one of those aha moments, when you realize that restaurants use much cheaper cookware than consumers do. No AllClad or Le Creuset in the average commercial kitchen. Just average aluminum or stainless skillets, (not non-stick), and aluminum or stainless stockpots. Same goes for baking trays and loaf pans.

                      1. re: hilltowner

                        I noticed that also. I assume it's because they take a lot of abuse and are going to have to be replaced regularly, whether expensive or not? But they're SO fun to go in. They do have everything!!!

                      2. re: plnelson

                        For mortars and pestles, I like the big stone ones that are in oriental stores. I'm in Central NY, so I can't recommend specific stores in your area, The Ikea in Stoughton has some terrific equipment as well, although that's not very close to NH.

                    2. There is a kitchen supply store in Kingston, NH called Alternative Sales. It is one of the "crowded kitchen stores", but they also have tons of equipment, both used and new. They mostly supply restaurants, but the store is open to the public. Rte 125

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                      1. re: purchaser1

                        Have you tried the outlets in Wrentham? They have LeCrueset, Williams Sonoma, Calphalon and a few other stores. You can get some really good deals when they have clearances and stuff plus you can get coupons from the Welcome Center if you have a AAA card.

                        1. re: SuperGrover

                          Good one (forgot that for CT)! Le Gourmet Chef (formerly in Clinton, CT) has moved to the Tanger Outlet stores in Westbrook. Same deal as SuperGrover mentions above re coupon books for AAA members.

                      2. I googled Kitchen supply store in NH, here is what I got.

                        CDC COMMERCIAL KITCHEN EQUIPME 800-523-0083

                        Old Lake Rd
                        Laconia, New Hampshire 03247

                        N H RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT SALES 603-668-1110

                        783 2nd St
                        Manchester, New Hampshire 03102

                        B & D RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT CEL 603-305-9974

                        Nashua, New Hampshire 03060