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Mar 21, 2009 07:00 AM

Pig Pen BBQ in New City

Anyone try it yet? I still on my Bailey's ban with the price gauging from 6 months ago, however, we tried Pig Pen last night and I would say their prices are the same as Bailey's new ones (doesn't anyone realize that the economy sucks....)

Anyway, while I have an issue paying $22 dollars for a rack of ribs (with nothing but 2 small sides included) we took the plunge yesterday. Went with 4 other people, so tried a few different things.

First, the ribs are average at best. Not very meaty (nowhere close to Bailey's) and a little saucy for my liking with a dry rub that didn't really stand out. Basically, Bailey's ribs are on a whole other level than Pig Pen's. Only choice was Spare Ribs (which I prefer anyway), but would be nice to have a Baby Back option as well.

The rest of the food was actually good and a better value. Our group had the brisket platter, pulled pork and chicken platters which all around $15 and worth it. Their meat platters are on par, if not slightly better than Baileys. I also think the sides at Pig Pen are a little more interesting than Bailey (fried corn balls, mashed sweet potatoes, good mac and cheese.)

Based on this visit, I am going to lift my Bailey's ban as I need good ribs and this is not the place. That being said, it is 2 mins from my house, nice atmosphere, so I'm sure I'll be back, just not for the ribs.

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  1. We were on a Bailey's ban too for awhile, but it's passed....I was at Bailey's last night. I've been ordering the 1/2 bbq chicken lately. It's a great value - I think it was 10.00,
    = 2 sides, and it was big enough for my dinner, + leftovers for lunch the next day. I get the screaming chicken sauce on the side. That stuff is truly addicting. Haven't tried the pig pen, but your post makes it sound like I need to. Does the pig pen have any non meat dishes? Like fried catfish, shrimp etc? My husband doesn't eat meat, but Baileys has a few items he likes.

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    1. re: michele cindy

      Wow, $10 is a good deal for that chicken, did the prices go back down again? I miss Bailey's and we will go back since it is no more expensive than the Pig Pen.

      The other problem with the Pig Pen's menu is it is very limited. I think they have a BBQ Salmon dish and that's it. If you like meat platters and good sides, it is definitely worth a try.....

      1. re: jeffaggy

        The chicken maybe was 8.95 before? So it did go up. I don't think anything went down... though on the special menu I think I saw a couple of things for 9.95 so maybe they are getting the hint. plus they now give you a large salad on the house with your meal.