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Mar 21, 2009 06:59 AM

Bucharest- Great Romanian Food

Going to Romania for a few weeks in a month or so, where can one find authentic superb(?) Romanian food in Bucharest, no car. Price no consideration, Thanks.

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  1. Will keep it near the forefront, hoping for reply

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    1. I am in Bucharest twice a year, usually in transit, so I don't bother to explore the culinary scene of the city. My husband loves the shawarma across the street from the Emergency Hospital (Spitalul de Urgenta), but this is neither fancy nor Romanian.

      You could try Caru' cu Bere ( - it's in an old part of the city, and used to be good. (I have not been there in years, so take it for what it's worth, but my friends love it).

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        Was there in June 2007. Lovely old place. Sad to say, the food is lovely and old too. The best eats we had were out in the country.

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            I am sorry to hear that, but I am not surprised. You probably do know by now that food quality and traditions vary tremendously based on region - you should not expect to find the same dishes in Cluj and Bucharest, for instance. And although the latter has never been my favorite city, it has amazing street food - hot pretzels, cheese pastries (sweet and savory), sandwiches - things that you cannot find elsewhere.

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              Still looking for more, thanks for street food

        1. I wish I could help, but in my experience, the best food I ate in Romania was in the homes of my relatives and not in restaurants. That being said, we didn't eat out too often so I may just be biased. My brother-in-law always seemed to take us to restaurants that were higher up on the price scale but never seemed to be all that great food wise. I would have preferred "cheap" places. There is good street food though. I love the markets in Romania. We found it difficult to get around Bucharest without a car, but that could be because no one wanted us to venture onto public transportation, so when we did we were forever getting lost and usually ended up in a cab that would get stuck in the horrid traffic there.

          1. This is 4 years late - but I just took a poll among my Romanian colleagues here in Bucharest on which are the top 3 restaurants in the city centre. Some overlapping opinions but these are their recommended ones:

            - Caru' cu bere
            - Hanu Berarilor
            - Jaristea