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Mar 21, 2009 06:48 AM

nice lunch in Sturbridge

My husband and I were casting about for a lunch spot in Sturbridge...Ugly Duckling/Whistling Swan is no longer reliable, I'm a big fan of Kaizen but it is a bit pricey and spousal unit does not care for sushi, publick house also too we stopped in at Soup To Nuts in the Millyard Marketplace. Terrific home-made fish chowder, good sandwiches, really nice people...I'd go back in a heartbeat. (But Kaizen is still currently my favorite restaurant in Sturbridge)

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  1. There is a place on Rt. 131 in Southbridge Called ROM'S which I have found to be generally very nice, Prices are Reasonable. Take a look at this website, it might help you some what in a choice. ( Hope this helps a little Earle

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      Rom's has closed. The daughter has opened on Main St.(forget the name). I hear it's a little nicer than Rom's was and pricier.

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        To Trufflehound, thanks for the information on Rom's. I guess I had better stop recommending it for dinner or any thing else for that matter. Earle

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          My suggestion is to go and try out Romaldo's, let the rest of us know what you think of it. Personally, I never liked Rom's, but the new upscale version might work for me? For now, I'll stick with Pinnochio's! :-)

    2. I'd suggest trying the Oxhead Tavern, next to (and part of) the Stubridge Host Hotel. Food was pretty good, prices fairly reasonable, and the ambience was nice.

      1. While the building is surely an improvement, the prices from Rom's to Romaldo's have remained the same. And while it is not pricier, you should know they are not open for lunch. Still for a great meal, a great value, and now A great ambience, Romaldo's can't be beat in Sturbridge.