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Mar 21, 2009 06:42 AM

Last minute roadtrip... NY to Atlanta (and back), help!!

So I did some quick reading through some old road trip posts on this board and I'm having trouble figuring out where we should go. We're doing this drive in each direction in one day. About 14 hours... so we definitely need to stop at least once, if not twice in each direction. We're looking for a solid Meat & 3 or blue plate special kind of place and/or BBQ. That's it. We want serious regional Southern cuisine. Our itinerary, more or less, is as follows. Any suggestion along the way would be helpful. Ideally, we really don't want to have to detour very far off the interstate. Also, on the way down it'll be a Sunday (tomorrow actually) so bear that in mind, though on the way back it'll be Wednesday, so we'll probably face less closures. Ok, that's the story. Here's the itinerary:

I-81 thru Maryland, W. Virginia, Virginia
I-77 thru N. Carolina
I-85 thru S. Carolina and into Georgia

Any suggestions would be sooo appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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