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Mar 21, 2009 06:31 AM

Asheville for Easter Weekend

We will be spending a long Easter Weekend in Asheville and are looking for recomendations on the best restaurants the City has to offer.

We will be staying at the condo of a friend, which I believe is near the downtown area.

Dinner options I have found that look appealing include: Fig Bistro, Table, Rezaz & Cucina24. Any opinions on these locations? Any other options?

We will be spending Friday at touring the Biltmore Mansion, are there lunch choices near by?

Saturday we hope to spend enjoying the galleries and artists downtown, and would like to plan ahaed for a good lunch.

We are planning on Easter Brunch at the Grove Park Inn.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Don't forget the River Arts District. If you're walking the district on Saturday afternoon, Clingman Cafe makes pretty good sandwiches.

    1. have you made reservations at GPI??? It is an Easter Buffet that sells out early and is vey good.

      1. I think Table is fantastic. I also like Zambra, Salsa, Bouchon and Tupelo Honey. There are many threads on here about Asheville that you will find if you do a search.

        1. I agree with most of the other posts. For lunch in Biltmore Village I really like Corner Kitchen (dinner there is also very good) and Stovetrotter's. We recently had lunch there and loved it. There are so many wonderful restaurants in Asheville, it's hard to pick. Have a good time!

          1. My husband and I recently ate at the Bistro at the Biltmore, it was fantastic. We ordered a butternut squash ravioli for an appetizer that was so yummy. food was moderately priced and very good.

            Also have heard wonderful things about the Inn on biltmore estate for dinner, but the menu is a bit pricey.

            Marcos pizza in North Asheville is also very good for an inexpensive meal.

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              I think you will enjoy the Fig, Rezaz, and Corner Kitchen (when in Biltmore). We have so many good restaurants. I would also encourage you to try Nine Mile and on the way you can see the beautiful houses of Montford. Nona Mia is a very affordable (and delicious)Italian.