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Mar 21, 2009 06:07 AM

Grocery delivery in MSP

Has anyone used any of the home delivery grocery services in the Twin Cities? What do you think of those you tried?Any a better value?

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  1. The two big options are Lunds & Byerly's and Coborns Delivers (formerly Simon Delivers). I have used them both. They are reliable and very convenient. The trade-off is slightly higher prices than shopping at, say, Rainbow. On the other hand, if you do a lot of impulse buying, sticking to your list with a delivery service might actually save you money. Also, the selection is pretty broad but not as comprehensive as you'll get by going to the store.

    1. I used the Byerly's/Lund's delivery a few years ago when I couldn't get out to the shops much. I liked it. Best was getting a delivery on a winter afternoon when a snowstorm was just starting and traffic was horrible - I got to stay home and have my groceries come to me! Ah, bliss.

      Ordering online was a bit slow, but the site is reliable and it works well. You can put things on your "regular" list so it's quicker the next time. Delivery was great - they appeared when they said they would. (I even got a free apple pie in my first order!)

      Don't know if they still do this, but if you order more that $50 worth, delivery is free. That helps balance out the higher Byerly's prices, especially if you factor in your time and gas cost for shopping there yourself.

      But, as Jordan says, they don't offer everything online that's in the stores. I like buying the occasional deli item or roast chicken, but you can't do that online. And if you're super-picky about certain items (like I am with the pattern on my Kleenex box :-), it might be hard to give up that control. (Though I did add a note for the Kleenex saying "no flowers", and they sent me paisley swirls, so I was happy.)

      I don't use the service anymore because I don't buy enough to meet the minimum amount for free delivery. I wish one of the co-ops would deliver...


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        Actually, you can get a rotisserie chicken through their online ordering system and quite a few deli items. Not everything but certainly a representative selection.

        I remember the free Haralson apple pie! God, that was something. It was like cooked apples encased in a slightly sweetened solid butter matrix. Probably about 10,000 calories per slice but oh so yummy.

      2. I currently use Lunds/Byerly's and I love it. I started last fall after having knee surgery and have continued the service even though I am just about fully healed. I choose them over Coborns simply because I knew what level of quality I would be receiving, especially in regards to produce and meat. I always order over $50 and they have never removed the $10 delivery fee (nor have I received a free pie!). One piece of advice, if you don't want them to substitute for something they may be out of, don't forget to check the box stating that. They have always been on time, courteous and I've never been disappointed in anything they've sent.