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Mar 21, 2009 05:52 AM

dinner for 20 in Baltimore

Coming from NY with a 15 year old hoop team in late May (unfortunately - Preakness weekend). 20-25 people in total (9 kids). Looking for a Crab/brown paper/mallet place (i guess around the inner harbor) for dinner Saturday night. Not cheap, but not expensive either. $30 -$40pp is about right.

After dinner, we'd look to hang out/walk around a bit. i haven't been to the inner harbor for years; is it dead after 9pm on a nice Spring evening, or will people be out, ice cream stores open, etc etc. thanks

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  1. Do you have transportation?

    I enjoy L.P. Steamers in Locust Point. 5 minutes from the Harbor. Definitely a brown paper place and very good crabs. This place screams Baltimore crab house. not your touristy crab house.

    1. I would take the water taxi from the Inner Harbor to Bo Brooks in Canton neighborhood(but for the crabs only)...take the water taxi back toFells Point..for some Pitango Gelato
      or Maggie Moo's Ice Cream...good wakling around on a balmy spring evening...the the water taxi back to the Inner Harbor area

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      1. re: Hue

        Whatever you do, MAKE RESERVATIONS well in advance. Preakness weekend is Baltimore's most popular tourist time and everything (especially around the Harbor) will be packed.

        1. re: bordeauxfan

          right. i'm trying to find a place to make reservations, but i haven't found said place yet. i've since learned that the price of a pound of crabs can run as high as $65 or more. As touristy as it is, i was kind of thinking Phillips made the most sense, but it was out of the price range unless we went the group menu which didn't include crabs. i'm going to see if they'll let us do a group thing, but let those who wanted to order alacarte off the menu do so. that might fill all needs.

          that said, any other suggestions? Bo Brooks is kinda out of the way and LP Steamers looks like a smokey neighborhood joint (which is fine, but not what we had in mind when we travel to a downtown locale. thanks

          1. re: drothman66

            First off the crabs you are seeking are sold by the dozen..not by the pound...the higher the cost the larger the crabs...$65.00 sounds about close for that time of year...(a novice may only work their way thru two or three crabs before they give up and go for something easier)
            Please..I repeat..Please do not go to Philips..
            Consider the water taxi for Bo Brooks.....Please Philips No

            1. re: Hue

              right. my bad...obviously by the dozen.

              if not phillips...where else within walking distance of the inner harbor? how long is the trip by water taxi and how many/boat? and cost? thanks

      2. I would go to Captain James Landing for the crabs-it's right on the water and you could either water taxi, regular taxi, or (a bit more ambitiously) walk to the harbor from there. They only accept large party reservations so you should be ok, but make sure to book asap as they do fill up quickly (esp that weekend). It's very 'Baltimore" and much cheaper than LP Steamers (which, make no mistake, I LOVE). The harbor will be bustling that night with tourists to answer your second question. Have fun!

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          I would agree with that rec. For what you are looking for it's pretty ideal. It's not right at the harbor, but no place is. Don't waste your time or money with Philips.
          The water taxi can take you door to door for about $10 pp, will take probably 30 minutes each way, and can most likely fit your entire group.
          The hour round trip and extra $10 per head will bring you about even with any sort of meal you can have at Philips. Plus, this way you will have a nice ride on the water AND an enjoyable experience picking some crab.