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Mar 20, 2009 10:10 PM

OMG -- Moshi Moshi is smokin'!

In the mid '80's I started going to a little Japanese place at the foot of Potrero Hill, Moshi Moshi.
It was like a neighborhood bistro. On weekends, it rocked and in between it got Giants games on tv. Mits, the owner, was there every night, rather glamorous in his horn rims & tweeds.
Then the neighborhood changed. The working class, good-times-loving customers moved away and the new condo/loft neighbors weren't dining out.
Tonight the bar was jammed. In the slowest of weeks, Moshi Moshi has hit itself a home run.
Mits is still there. He welcomes his guests in Japanese garb. John (former bartender,now manager) is overseeing the floor.
The place was packed with mostly young happening folks, and the food looked great. Personally, I enjoyed my chicken ka-arage and miso. The decor, ambiance and music give it a great vibe. After hanging in there forEVER, I applaud Moshi Moshi--and I had a great time!
Hounds out for a fun time, give it a chance!

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  1. I know the place well, too. I lived within a few blocks in the late 90's - seems like yesterday.

    I liked the place because it had a certain "no sushi" feel, like many places in japan - get a large sapporo and some noodles, some tempura, and hang out. There used to be a sushi wholesaler a block away, but they closed, and it was clear Moshi Moshi was never about the sushi. Knife work is sloppy, fish has never been first quality.

    They have, somehow, managed to turn it hip, and it's not at all bad. The food's not great - sort of like the auld days - but it's better, pretty good. Lots more fancy - although they still call it BCCI chicken. Mostly they've ramped up the drinks menu and the atmosphere, got some cooler looking square plates.

    I don't think it's a destination by any means, but I did enjoy meeting some friends there a few months ago - we hung out in the outdoor room we had reserved for 30. The parking's easy, the prices are quite reasonable, it's a good neighborhood joint, especially as a pre-club evening stop.

    1. Thanks for the memories -- I'll have to return. I used to go to Moshi-Moshi for lunch in the mid-1980s when I worked at the Esprit headquarters (now a condo/loft complex). The food was never fantastic, but it definitely had an authenticity, and there weren't a lot of choices in the neighborhood. Glad to hear it's reinvented itself and doing well.

      1. We returned there after a long absence some time last year. I was really happy that they still have a passable poki salad on the menu (they spell it poke). Poki, gyoza, noodles, tempura, share a Saporo... good times. Really nice to see the place doing so well after all thee years.

        Not to hijack the thread, but any tips on where else I might find a good poki? The first time I had it was from a small fish market on the big island and it was fabulous. Over the years I've tried to find one as good, but to no avail. The original had these crunchy coral-looking branched seaweed that I've never seen before or since.

        Moshi Moshi
        2092 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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          I think poke is the usual spelling. My Hawaiian friends always pronounce it "poh-keh."