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Mar 20, 2009 09:26 PM

Visiting Napa-- lunch?

Got plans in Napa tomorrow evening. Dinner and the following morning's breakfast are already accounted for. Anyone have ideas for lunch or snack? We have Saturday afternoon and Sunday late morning/ early afternoon to wander around and sample before we leave town.

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  1. In actual city of Napa, Angele would be nice for lunch or go to Oxbow Market walk around and see if anything peaks your interest.

    1. Dimsumgirl,
      If you're talking about Napa Valley, as opposed to the city of Napa, I recommend highly Mustard's. Try the hanger steak and fries or just about anything else. (They have more adventurous dishes, too.) Go early (like 11:00) or late (like 1:30) for lunch to avoid a wait, although I must say that even when slammed, they've always gotten the two of us to a table within a half hour to forty minutes, despite being given longer estimates of the wait.
      Or hang around the bar and when two seats open up, eat there.

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        Mustard's is closed until May after a fire damaged the restaurant.

      2. V. Sattui vinery in Napa Valley has a great market place where you can get gourmet sandwiches, prepared salads, etc. It makes a great light lunch or snack. They have informal picnic style eating area both inside and out. The vinery itself is a lovely setting. Enjoy your visit!

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          Unfortunately Mustards is currently closed. They had a kitchen fire a week or so ago. Will reopen shortly.