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Mar 20, 2009 06:43 PM

Graduation Dinner in PASADENA

We are a party of eight and need a table at 5PM on Sauturday

The short list is:

Yujean Kang's
Bistro 45
Anne and Mike's

Leaning towards Yujean Kang's for the communal eating experience but are not clear about worthiness of the food and the expense (no $ on menu).

Any input greatly appreciated.


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  1. From your list I would rank your choices as follows (from best to worst):

    1. Malbec
    2. Bistro 45
    3. Mike and Anne's (not Anne and Mike's)
    4. Yujean Kang's

    In that same area, I would consider Shiro (instead of Yujean Kang's) and Bisro de la Gare (instead of Bistro 45).

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      For once I agree with Ipsedixit.
      I love bistro d e la gare although it's in south pas, which might be a dealbreaker. And I would rate malbec and bistro 45 close.

      Don't know if you've considered maison akira. It's a little quirky but can be delightful.

      Nota huge fan of Yujean Kang's but there are those who LOVE it.

      1. re: Jerome

        just a note re: Maison Akira-

        we had an excellent birthday dinner there last week- a Friday night, and both food and service were spot on. Perfectly prepared scallops, roasted smoked duck, the signature chilean seabass, and my brother had a pan-roasted mackerel that was nothing like grandma's catfood...not overpowering or "fishy", it was a great piece of fish...i've too experienced "quirky" but there was none of that going on-everything was solid.

        another possibility is Roy's- Pasadena. we've had two family celebrations there with great success and with everyone (incl. the 7 year old) enjoying food and hospitality.

        1. re: Local

          Thank you so much for the input. We ended up at Malbec. Wawaweewa! Six adults and one child ate like 18 adults and 14 children. Plates were shared and licked!

          NY Strip was deemed the best cut of meat my sister chef has tasted in a long time. Roasted potatoes were fought over by the English side of the family
          Rack of Lamb (perfectly rare) with asparagus risotto was wonderfully fragrant and al dente.
          The salmon was perfectly cooked -seared and crispy on the outside; moist and flavorful on the inside.
          The appetizer of grilled shrimp and calamari a la plancha in a paprika tomato sauce was scrumptious.
          Very generous portion sizes too.
          We ordered and devoured 3 appetizers, two soups, 7 main courses, 7 deserts and 2 bottles of a delicious, crisp and suitably chilled Sauvignon Blanc-oh and we all had coffee drinks- $350 plus tip. !!!

          The service was wonderful too. Wonderful. Now that our son has graduated, we have a new reason to visit Pasadena -all the way from Hermosa Beach.