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Mar 20, 2009 06:22 PM

MORTON's -- $119 Dinner for 2

Has anyone been to Morton's lately?

They have a promo on until the end of the month -- $119 for two, incl:

2 Salads -- Caesar or Mortons
2 single-cut Filets,
Broiled Sea Scallops, Colossal Shrimp Alexander or Jumbo Crab Cakes,

One Signature Potato and One vegetable to share,

Morton's legendary Hot Chocolate Cake and/or Key Lime Pie.

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  1. If they still do the $30 corkage, that could make it a decent bargain.

    1. My BBQ steak is better:)
      But I do love Morton's
      Interesting how we all fall in the DEAL $119 for 2
      what a crock

      As are most restaurants in Toronto

      1. We had this promo this past weekend. It's on until Dec.31.
        Salad: Morton's salad was terrible. Just alot of lettuce and some egg whites. Didn't try the caesar salad.
        Bread was mediocre.
        Appetizer: You get the appetizer with your steak. Scallops: You get 3 scallops wrapped in bacon. Don't order these. They were dry and overcooked, bacon fell off. Crab cakes: you get one with your steak and it's all crabmeat. Shrimp Alexander: you get 3 and they are huge.
        Steak: had the single cut filet. Good steak. Not the best, but not the worst.
        Potato/Vegetable: don't order the potato skins. The sides are large and all were quite good.
        Dessert: save room for dessert. The hot chocolate cake was delicious: came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The cake was not too sweet. The creme brulee is ok too. The key lime pie was huge. It's probably one fifth of the pie.
        Overall, I thought it was ok. If it weren't for the promo, I would not go again.