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No more Rich Ocean Garden - Vancouver, BC

Has anyone tried the new restaurant that has gone into this space following the "renovation"? No more dim sum I hear.

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  1. RO was ck1234's favourite dimsum and I believe she reported the closure elsewhere but hasn't been to the replacement. IIRC she noted that the new resto does not serve dimsum as you surmise.

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      It's called Beijing "something"...I went by today to have a look but now can't remember the 2nd name. Sorry, I was very distracted (bad day) and it was pouring rain and I had to hurry onto the Dr.'s. But all I saw was a menu in chinese & then I had to rush off...but I thought I'd remember the full name of the new restaurant!!! Anyway, fmed was right about it being from Beijing when I said "northern" something! And yes, no dim sum anymore...my co-worker who went said our other friend ordered in chinese so he didn't even know what he ordered, which is usual for us, we just trust him! He said it was good & they had 3 dishes for about $20 including tip...

      1. re: ck1234

        If this is truly a restaurant that will be serving Beijing cuisine, then I'm officially excited. However, there are a number of restaurants that use the word "Beijing" in their name or description that don't actually serve Beijing cuisine. Fingers crossed.

        1. re: fmed

          I will investigate further...can't next week as I'm on training, but when I get back, I'll try to scoop a menu and get the name complete!!! :-)

          I will say that when the two that went to the new restaurant & I were all at dim sum lunch at Kirin (since Rich Ocean closed), neither of them said they were overly excited about it, both just said it was "good", but had no further comments...in fact, they both just wanted to hear about "the Hunan chowdown"!!!

          I'm trying to get them to come to one, but they just look at me like I'm weird, like my son does!

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            It's called Beijing Cuisine and it serves Northern Chinese "dim sum". Lots of dumplings, meat pies and wraps, potstickers, noodles, etc. It appears to be the same service crew, just a brand new menu. The food was ok, not fabulous. Long's Noodle House serves better dumplings and a few of the Shanghainese restaurants in Richmond also do a much better job overall. The spicy wonton was not spicy enough. However, it was very cheap. For four people, the bill came to less than $50 after tax. We were all stuffed.

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              Thank you VYM!

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                It sounds like a fairly generic "Northern/Shanghai" place then.

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                  We went today so I could try it out. I will never return. It was terrible. There was one guy working there I recognized from Rich Ocean so I called him over & asked what happened to the owners of RO? He said that was him & he sold it because the rent had increased too high so he decided to get out of the business. I mentioned that it was empty now. He agreed and said that the food wasn't good anymore! He tried to convince them not to change the menu but he said they wouldn't listen. Interesting enough they are now adding dim sum again because they have no customers. He said to have a look at the new menu and we'd see some familiar items. Everything was terrible though! Greasy, salty, chewy...I can't believe the difference!

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                    Too bad ck1234....more business for Kirin then. It sounds like it won't last long and (perhaps) yet another dim sum restaurant might take its place.

        2. Word has it that Rich Ocean is back in business. Apparently it was re-sold back to the original owners, name is back, and dim sum is back in business - menu exactly the same as it was at Rich Ocean! I will know for sure Friday because we are going to do a group lunch there if so!

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            Can't wait to hear your report, ck -- I know how much you've missed your fave! I hope to get a chance to try it now...

            1. re: grayelf

              I didn't actually get to talk to anyone regarding ownership today, but I can give my observations...It is now called "Dynasty". The restaurant has had a spruce up, new chairs, new bar but otherwise looks the same. The staff are wearing the same uniforms as when it was Rich Ocean again. The menu is back to seafood Cantonese. The dim sum is pricier than it was at Rich Ocean. About $3.98 on average to $4.48 I believe. Business is certainly back, as it was about 80% full, 99% of clientele Asian just like the old days of Rich Ocean.

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                How was the quality of the dim sum compared to the "old days"?

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                  found this blog,hope the link works for ya.http://mdfeeds.com/archives/1570

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                    islandgirl, it was pretty much the same but pricier. I think the low price of $2.98 a dim sum was part of the appeal of our love for Rich Ocean! My lunch partner said he would rather have dim sum at Kirin now since it's about the same price...certainly nothing to complain about though. Twas a good lunch!

                    1. re: ck1234

                      We went back to Dynasty today and haven't been since Dec. 09. It was back to it's usual packed place with a line up to get in by noon. 99% Asian clientele and all the caucasians were seated in the very back of the restaurant all in one little section. We laughed about being segregated!

                      The dim sum was outstanding today! We agreed it was better than Kirin and we will now put this back into our lunch repertoire and work through the whole menu! I cannot wait til next week to go back. It was THAT good!!

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                        Thanks ck - good to have another option close to downtown - especially for out of town visitors staying nearby.

                        1. re: ck1234

                          CK1234, was the dim sum Cantonese, Northern, or a mix of both ? Your guess of average pricing (per order) ?

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                            It's Cantonese - $4.50 each.

                            1. re: ck1234

                              Thanks !!

                              Don't you people sleep ?!? ;-)

                          2. re: ck1234

                            Hi CK, Have you been back recently? Still outstanding? Thinking of trying it later this week.

                            1. re: islandgirl

                              I have...my lunch partners are dim sum lovers! I really feel it is inconsistent. I feel this way about Kirin too. I always get to pick which one we go to. Last month has been all Kirin and I'm ready to go back to Dynasty now as it's been pretty salty & mediocre at Kirin the last month.

                              When each of them are good, they're fantastic, when they're bad, they make me not want to ever return, though I always do! Good luck islandgirl, if you go! :-)

                              1. re: ck1234

                                We went today (just two of us so we couldn't order as much as we wanted) The food was good although as noted it is more expensive than before ($4.98 for most dishes, some more expensive) and many of my favourite items are no longer offered (the eggplant with shrimp and the vegetable dumplings in particular).

                                We had the har gow, crab and shrimp steamed dumplings (yummy and a bit unusual with a nice cilantro flavour), spareribs in blackbean sauce (the chili adds a nice bit of heat which I'm not used to with this dish), sticky rice in lotus leaf and the Buddha's Feast (very yummy although stir fried as opposed to braised which I'm more familiar with - excellent assortment of mushrooms and lots of ginger)

                                All in all, I won't go rushing back (value is definately not as good as before) but I would recommend and I will eat here again.

                                One nice tip, there is 2 hour free parking any time of day in the underground parkade (entrance through alley between 8th and Broadway). You just need to remember your parking stall number and register it with the hostess when you go into the restaurant. Very nice for this area where parking can be a nightmare.

                                1. re: islandgirl

                                  Yes, the prices are high. We're just used to it, as Kirin is high too. I ordered spicy spareribs dim sum at Kirin last week and it was $8. All the chef's recommendations for dim sum are that price there. I agree, the crab & shrimp dumplings are a fave of mine too. You can get the eggplant if you didn't see it on the menu. We order it all the time. It is not on Kirin's menu either but we order it there too. That is my fave dim sum period.

                                  Our third dim sum place is Spicy Court at 41st and Cambie. We take Canada Line 2 stops for this place. They have the best XO sauce of any dim sum place we have ever been to and everyone agrees with that. The dim sum are old school and nothing over the top, but it is at least consistent. If you go some time, please let me know what you think! Oh, I forgot, they offer 20% off before 11:30 too.

                                  1. re: ck1234

                                    FWIW, I had rather surprisingly good dim sum last weekend at Fraser Court (Fraser/19th). Since I was the guest, I was not able to order. But everything that came came piping hot and fresh. OK, I did order a plate of bok choy sum (small bok choy) stir-fried in garlic, after seeing there was a dearth of green anything. The BC was stirfried well, keeping the leaves from becoming wilted while the stalks were cooked in just right (not easy to do). The place was much bigger than I recall (Red Flamingo back in the days) but it was packed to the gills and that was a good sign.