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Mar 20, 2009 04:54 PM

Road trip- Austin to Houston (stop in Brenham?)

Does anyone have any recommendations for lunch spots along the way from Austin to Houston? It seems like Brenham is about half way and we would like to stop for lunch there.

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  1. Hi There,
    I've been on this trip a time or two,,, and I've never eaten lunch in Brenham. The only time I stopped there was for ice cream. Brenham is home to Blue Bell Ice Cream. Some of the greatest. Their motto is: The best ice cream in the country. It's kind of a pun, cause Brenham is definately country. Go to the ice cream shop. You'll find flavors that aren't so readily available in the groceries.
    Where I usually stop if I'm on 290 is Southside market in Elgin, Home of the famous Elgin Sausage. It's pretty close to Austin, but if you want to eat lunch halfway, get some to go and stop at one of the roadside picnic areas.
    If I'm on 71 I stop at Mikeska's in Columbus. This is a special place, a real slice of Texas. It's a large octagonal shaped building, with just about every sort of trophy mounted on the wall. My girlfriend says it's kind of eerie,like a temple to hunting and meat, but I don't mind. The Mikeska family is all over texas, smokin up great BBQ. On my way to Dallas I stop at the one in Temple. When ever you see their name, try it out.
    Well I hope this helps, and have a great trip.

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    1. re: Salt_ofthe_Earth

      Unfortunately, Blue Bell isn't open on the weekend. Which sucks cause it would be the perfect treat for that trip.

    2. I have never recommended a place that I haven't been before but ... I have a friend in Austin whose family is in Houston. They meet frequently in Round Top, 23 miles west of Brenham, to catch up. They like to hang out at Royer's:

      They rave about the menu and the ambiance. I don't know if it's too far out of the way, but it does seem highly regarded when searching google and looks to be a fun place.

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      1. re: Rene

        Oh heavens, yes. Royers is awesome. Save room for pie!

        It's like fine dining in a down-home atmosphere.

        1. re: addlepated

          When driving to Houston from Austin, we always make it a point to stop and eat in Brenham. This means only one restaurant....Purcell's Buffet. Really good comfort food and very nice people who run it. Open everyday but on Mondays only between 11-2.

        2. re: Rene

          Royer's pie is incredible and comes with Amy's ice cream. 50 cents extra if you don't want the ice cream. Get the pie sampler. You only live once.

          1. re: Rene

            Royer's is pretty good. I really like their shrimp BLT for lunch. It's about 10 minutes south of 290 in Round Top. Since you didn't say when your road trip is, just a word of warning that April 1-4 is the Round Top Antiques Weekend and it will be crowded.

          2. In Brenham,I stopped for a good CFS at Country Inn II.1000 E.Horton St. (979) 836 2396.They're closed on Sundays.

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            1. re: rockbound

              I can't second this enough! Country Inn II - truly the best chicken fried steak I've ever had. They have small and large - my husband once ordered the large and it was... two chicken fried steaks! We always make a point to stop there on the way to/from Houston. And if they have chicken and dumplings on the specials board, get that too.

            2. I've enjoyed stopping in Burton at the Brazos Belle Restaurant. the only problem is - it is open Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday lunch so it has limited availability. The chef was formerly at the restaurant at the four seasons hotel in Houston.

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              1. re: debkamp

                We try to stop at a luncheonette in Brenham called Must Be Heaven. They are well known for their sandwiches and desserts. Don't forget Blue Bell Ice Cream is located in Brenham, so leave room for hand dipped ice cream.

                1. re: lisalevi

                  That place looks fantastic! I'll have to remember that the next time I go that way.