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Mar 20, 2009 04:52 PM


Does anybody know of a place were I can get a pig roasted on a spit?

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  1. Do it yourself with a coon ass microwave? Hmm. Don't know anybody around here that does them. Someone on here probably knows though. Maybe check with Cochon.

    1. good lard, check out:
      it looks like a religious experience.

      1. You're looking for portions of pit roasted pig or the actual whole pig? Sorry for the semantics question, but it makes a big difference in the feasibility of your quest being accomplished.


        1. Just so happened to stumble upon the perfect answer... Hogs for the Cause is cooking a pig on spit this weekend, March 28, at the Audobon Fly if you happen to be in town. Good food for a good cause!