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Ideas of what to do once over the Brooklyn Bridge??

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Hi all,
My parents are coming to visit for the day and Im trying to think of something new for us to do.. I was thinking of walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. I know Grimaldi's is over there but is there anything else right off of the bridge that you could recommend for either a meal or snack? Thanks so much!!

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  1. Try searching the Outer Boroughs Board.

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      Cant recall the name but the old ice cream shop is there as well as the River cafe.

    2. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Right on the water, down the block from Grimaldi's.

      1. When you cross the brudge you'll be in the section of Brooklyn known as DUMBO. If you go on Sunday the Brooklyn Flea, a super-funky indoor flea market with dozen or more artisinal food vendors ,is on York Street - a fun destination. As well, there are a numberof interesting stores and restaurants around there. Grimaldi's used to be the standard post-walk place (in part, because for years it was one of the only places down there) and if you like pizza, it's still okay. But if it were me, I'd drop into the Flea (if it's a Sunday) or simply wander around the area. Whaatever you do, be sure to stop in Brooklyn Bridge Park for a great view of Manhattan.

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          If you take the ramp and get out at Adams St., instead of taking the stairs down, you get out in Downtown Brooklyn, not DUMBO, but there isn't that much to do right near the Adams St. exit; you'd have to walk further, to Brooklyn Heights, or some of the places on Court St., or Atlantic Av.

          I think it's actually better to walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan and up to Chinatown for lunch.

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            Yes, we made that mistake and found there was no place to eat.

        2. Couldn't agree more about the Brooklyn Bridge Park, whatever you do, do not miss it! The views are spectacular! If you can, go during sunset and stay behind to see the city in the dark. It is amazing.

          Jacques Torres has a store in DUMBO on 66 Water Street. Their hot chocolates is really good. Also, grab ice-cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, you won't miss it, there's always a huge line outside, just like Grimaldi's.

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            Unless you go at an off time, the wait at Grimaldi's may not be bearable. Also by Jacques Torres: Almondine, across the street, for a pretzel croissant, baguette, or pastry, more coffee, and a few more chairs than the chocolate shop. If the weather is good, take something from both shops to the waterfront benches or little "beach" by the playground. For a proper dinner, there's always noodle pudding on Henry St, near the High St A/C station.

          2. Don't know the name or the details, but my girlfriend told me about a fish taco stand on the waterfront. I think it's under the base of the Manhattan Bridge, but that's easy to walk to from the Brooklyn Bridge.

            Note that if you only are going to walk one way over the bridge, you should take the subway or a taxi TO Brooklyn and walk the bridge back to Manhattan.

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              I agree with Blumie's suggestion about heading towards Manhattan to see the skyline view. nhs81, if you come to Brooklyn around lunch time, you could eat lunch and hang out in DUMBO first, then walk across the bridge later in the afternoon.... Grimaldi's is open for lunch, and there is no wait if you get there right when they open. (At least, this has been my experience there on weekdays.) If you are going before April 2, both the River Cafe and Five Front are participating in Dine in Brooklyn during lunch time. For your parents' dessert, I have a slight preference for Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (over the Jacques Torres places) since the view from the open pier there is so nice. As much as I love JT, it can induce claustophobia at times. Finally, if you or your parents are into art, there are some decent galleries in DUMBO. Have fun!

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                By the way, I'm surprised NYJewboy has not spewed any anti-Grimaldis replies in this thread. Dude, are you mellowing with age??

            2. Try Five Front restaurant. They have a website that you can look up. They are right under the bridge.

              1. I'm sure your parents will love the other side of the Pond.

                If you can, try to walk BACK over the Bridge to Manhattan. The view of Manhattan at sunset is spectacular.

                DUMBO is full of fabulous places to discover.

                * BROOKLYN ICE CREAM FACTORY : old fashioned, home made ice cream with an outdoor patio/terrace on the River

                * ALMONDINE: Patisserie extraordinaire. Voted the best in NY Mag, baguette voted the best in NYC every year. Sit down, a few tables, delicious coffee. Great croissants, pastries, and a wonderful place to get special occasion cakes.

                * JACQUES TORRES CHOCOLATE: made on the premises outrageously creative and dellicious authentic French chocolate.,

                * RIVER CAFE BAR : If you are dressed for it, the bar at RIVER CAFE is an extraordinary place. Great drinks in a spectacular setting.

                I would skip GRIMALDI'S . There is better Pizza to be found in Brooklyn, and in NY.


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                  if you are in DUMBO after 6pm, you can also try Hecho En Dumbo for tasty mexican fare. It's on front street. I'd recomend that over five front. I've been to five front countless times, and keep thinking it will be better than it actually is. i've experienced horrible service there, and just 'ok' food.

                2. Here's a 33 post thread from December on the same topic.

                  Watch out. These things always turn into a "best of Brooklyn" thread where people recommend their favorite restaurants that are miles from the bridge. If something sounds intriguing I recommend that you Google it to find out how close it is.