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Mar 20, 2009 03:21 PM

bamboo fire--delray

Bamboo Fire is mentioned in a few posts about Caribbean Food in Florida but I really it deserves special separate mention. First and please excuse the cliched phrases but they all fit perfectly...Bamboo Fire is charming,the decor is quirky and very comfortable,both inside and out, the owners are wonderful warm,sincere,enthusiastic and generous.One word of caution this is a family run operation......if you go expecting strictly portioned,microwaved,steam table food that was made that morning (or last week) and that appears 5 inutes after ordering....this is NOT the restaurant for you. Beverly the chef and an owner ,(with her husband who is the waiter) is going to cook your food after it's ordered and it's worth waiting for. I'm not at all an expert on Jamaican food but the Jerk and Curry dishes satisfied eveyone in our party....ranging in age from 12 to 70. The conch fritters and the meatballs and the wings were all great, the sides were perfect as was the guava cheescake

Bamboo Fire is open only for dinner Wednesday thru Saturday and Saturday lunch and Sunday from noon to 6..Saturday night there is live jazz and open jam starting at 8.

Bamboo Fire is a wonderful and personal experience in a universe increasingly overun with bland,corporate,disengaged and often loud restaurants...anyone interested in good food and terrific people working very hard to please should
make an effort to get there soon

Bamboo Fire
149 ne 4th avenue (about 2 blocks north of Atlantic)
Delray Beach
561 749 0973 or 954 907 4174 (Beverlys cell phone ,it's that kind of place)
be sure to call ahead to reserve and check on specials

NB i have no connection withj this restaurant except that of a fan

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  1. Is this place closed down? I went there Wed night and it wasn't open.

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    1. re: aynrandgirl

      it was certainly opened Thursday night. i believe the Wednesday downpour may have caused the problem.. just call the 954 number and check before you go.

      1. re: dickinboca

        Why would it cause a problem? Is there no inside dining?

        1. re: aynrandgirl

          there is indoor dining..cozy and pleasant

      2. re: aynrandgirl

        I stopped by during Delray Affair and they were closed with a sign on the door saying they would be back at 1:30. We didn't feel like waiting 20 minutes so we went to Vic & Angelos instead. A business should have consistent hours if it wants customers, especially on the busiest weekend like this one.

        1. re: freakerdude

          They'll close early if they think they won't have more customers.

      3. I agree with everything you wrote. It is the kind of place you want to patronize because of the food they serve as well as support for local family owned businesses. Glad to hear they made it through the high season but they will definitely need local support to make it through this economy to the next high season. I tout the place to friends and family that live in the area and plan on visiting them when I come down.

        1. I agree with everything that the OP (and stuartlafonda) has said. First, by way of bona fides, I am a retired hotel general manager that has spent 35 years running hotels in the Caribbean. My wife and I just returned from lunch at Bamboo Fire. First, the hospitality could not have been better. The owners are wonderful people. We had several appetizers and all were excellent. My wife had the jerk chicken fajita and I had the curry chicken. Superb. The food is authentic and the heat level can be regulated to your preference. Personally, I like mine "native style". By the way, they were open last Wednesday night but had to move indoors because of the weather. They took all of the furniture from the outside. Donald, Beverly's husband told me that there was a large group from Chowhound there on Tuesday, a night that they are usually closed. Don't miss this place if you want authentic Caribbean cuisine.

          1. Just had a wonderful lunch at Bamboo Fire yesterday. When I arrived saturday night, the strip at Delray seemed quite plastic to me, the same trendy moneyed people i see everywhere wanting to see and be seen. Thank goodness that dickinboca posted about Bamboo Fire--- i brought the phone number with me. I ate there Sunday afternoon and the food and service were beyond my expectations. Beverly and Donald could not have been more gracious or knowledgeable. The jerk chicken was moist, aromatic and spicy in the best way. The curry pork chop was succulent, and the extra gravy was appreciated. Sides included perfectly caramelized plantains, sauteed cabbage and colorful bell peppers, and rice and peas. All washed down with ginger beer. I arrived hungry, and the lunch saved me from having to lecture about food on an empty stomach. Although I live in Tampa, and Delray is just not my style, I will return for more Bamboo Fire.

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            1. re: andy huse

              Hi Andy:
              I think you were sitting at the table next to me. Glad you enjoyed your lunch.

              1. re: Alfred G

                funny, because i noted your chowish comments throughout the meal. it remains a great memory--- i only wish i'd brought my camera.

              2. re: andy huse

                we were at Bamboo Fire last Saturday night I'm not going to start raving again about how wonderful a evening we had since to go through all that again might be just a bit redundant But the Goat deserves mention: our Goat eating virgins( i mean they had never tasted nor thought they would ever want to taste Goat) are now Goat fans i believe that's because Beverly cooked it perfectly The fact that today's NYTimes food section "discovers" Goat just proves once again that the seniors of Boca/Delray are still at the cutting edge of something,maybe Do yourself a favor and get to Bamboo Fire and when you go just relax, take your time and enjoy

                1. re: dickinboca

                  I"m heading to I-Drive in Orlando this weekend (Peabody Hotel), but I hope to hit Bamboo Fire next weekend. It will be nice to dine outdoors while the weather is nice. And I've never had goat. It will take a lot to get me away from the jerk chicken!

              3. I'm not a huge fan of jerk or Caribbean curries, but I'll give it a try when I'm in the mood.

                That said, my eyes nearly bugged out of my head when I saw guava cheesecake! I can't even begin to imagine how wonderful that must taste because it sounds amazing!