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Mar 20, 2009 02:02 PM

Need private room for parents anniversary in westchester

Hi, I am helping to plan my parents anniversary dinner. I'm looking for a private room to hold 50 people. Looking for someplace that balances great ambiance and good service with affordability, although I don't want to limit the recs to just affordable places - the feel of the place is most important. We'd prefer to have it somewhere in westchester. Thank you!

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  1. Where about in westchester would you like the party to be?

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    1. re: kimmykimmy

      Anywhere in westchester - we are flexible

      1. re: janjan9

        Rye Grill just reopened and they have private rooms upstairs. I'm not sure how big they are but it is worth a call.

        1. re: janjan9

          Lexington Square Cafe in Mt. Kisco - I believe same group as Rye Grill. Very good food and a private room upstars. Nice looking space, good service and varied menu.

      2. What about Le CHateauex, La Fontane or Kittle house