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Mar 20, 2009 02:00 PM

RIP Janita's [Reopening 3/09]

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  1. The best damn fish sammich is no longer.

    1. Man, when I first saw your post I thought it said Jamila's. Whew! Glad I was wrong. I ate breakfast at Janita's once and that was enough for me. Terrible. When the lady next to us asked what was wrong with her grits, the waitress brought out the cook who told her that he had to scrape the bottom of the pan to fill her order. He shrugged and went back into the kitchen. Her food was nasty and ours was, too. Worst part, the people working there didn't care one bit. Sayonara Janita's. I hate to see a business go, but based on my experience I'm not surprised at all.

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      1. re: N.O.Food

        Scraping the bottom of the pan! Oh, man....that's rich!

      2. I had a very good fish sandwich at Janita's but did not return. I was turned off by the cigarette smoking, tattooed floor manager who blocked the entrance the time we went. I did not feel comfortable going in a place that had a woman like that standing out front. Good luck Duke you have the talent. I wish you well.

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        1. re: ClarkPeacock

          i always wanted to try it but i refused to as there was always employees smoking out front. that is never a good sign. think about it. smoking is disgusting enough but to have it in your face that the employees, chef, etc are always outside smoking is just gross. i used to play a game with myself. see if i could drive by without someone smoking. well, everytime i droveby some employee was smoking. not once can i recall ot seeing that sight. that kept me 100% out of there.

          1. re: mcegielski

            You won't go to a place where you see staffers smoking?

            Don't go to France, baby. Seriously.

            1. re: ZydecoPlayer

              I thought it was pretty much a pre-requisite for service industry folk to smoke, drink and get tats...
              as far as J'Anitas, I had great food there and even better conversations w/the owners. I wish them well in their new venture. their food was good and welcome when they catered out of a truck in my flooded neighborhood when no one else was cooking. the best fish sammich and the Kimmie's guac will hopefully be back some day soon.

              1. re: ZydecoPlayer

                no, there are too many restuarants to choose from. i used to smoke 2 packs a day and i waited tables and cooked. however, i smoked out back behind the restaurant where customers could not see me. as for france. no i would rather go back to germany.

          2. Yep. Good food, horrible service.

            1. J'Anita's, like the phoenix, has been reborn from it's ashes :
              Good luck Craig and Kimmie.

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              1. re: speyerer

                I'm glad to see they have a 2nd chance but I have to admit there was an "ick" factor that kept me from going there

                I hope the new place is a little different

                1. re: chef4hire

                  I'll give 'em some love.......I agree with ec's assessment. The times I've eaten there, the food was quite good. The smoking/tatooed/pierced employees didn't enter into my decisions to eat there or not in the least. As mentioned previously, I believe it's now a "prerequisite" for employment. In fact, I found the staff to be welcoming and friendly. Good luck to them.

                  1. re: BayouTeche

                    tatooed and pierced employees are no problem. but, having smoking kitchen employees always in front is a problem.