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Mar 20, 2009 12:59 PM

Whoopie Pies in Jacksonville

Is there anywhere to get whoopie pies in Jacksonville Florida?

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  1. Yoders has good ones in Sarasota, but for real good ones, you need to go to the State of Maine where lots of companies will ship them to you overnight--all flavors.....
    Trust me--I live in Maine and Sarasota, and its real hard to beat Maine Woopie Pies....

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      How much will it cost and do you have a link?

      1. re: irbaboon

        Labadie's Bakery, 161 Lincoln St., Lewiston, ME 207-240-9350
        they bake and they ship. I think the site said $25 per dozen plus shipping which can go by priority mail. Enjoy

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          Cranberry Island Kitchen
          Address: 7B Corey Rd.
          Cumberland, ME 04021
          Phone: 207-829-5200

          excellent products here but very very expensive since they were recognized on national TV

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I saw some at Sweetbay the other day, I have to say I was shocked but they are carrying the top split hot dog rolls as well. I make my own and they are really easy if you don't feel like shipping them in. This is my moms recipe she does an italian icing instead of the fluff kind. Maybe it is a Windham thing im not sure. Enjoy

          Millie’s Whoopie Pies
          Preheat oven to 350 degrees
          1 Cup Sugar
          6 TB Vegetable shortening
          1 Cup Milk (not skim)
          2 1/2 Cup Flour
          1 ¼ Tsp Baking soda
          ¼ Tsp Salt
          5 TB Cocoa powder
          1 Egg
          1 Tsp Vanilla

          Cream, sugar and shortening together with hand mixer till light and fluffy. Add egg and mix till well combined. Sift dry ingredients together and add to sugar mixture in thirds alternating with milk starting and ending with the dry ingredients. When combined add vanilla mix again. Drop by teaspoonful on a parchment lined sheet pan. Bake for 10-15 minutes. Let cakes cool on rack and make frosting.

          2 ½ TB Flour
          ½ Cup Milk (Whole)
          ¼ Cup Butter (room temperature)
          ¼ Cup Vegetable shortening
          Pinch Salt
          ½ Cup Sugar
          1 Tsp Vanilla
          Whisk the flour into the milk in a medium sauce pan switch to a rubber spatula and stir till a thick paste is formed. Remove from heat place in a bowl and refrigerate till cold. Cream butter and shortening together till light and fluffy. Add cold paste, sugar and vanilla. Beat till creamy and sugar is dissolved.
          Spread icing on flat side of cake and top with another to make a sandwich. Keep in refrigerator till ready to serve.