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Beef Short Ribs in Montreal?

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Does anyone know where I can find Beef Short Ribs in Montreal? I've attached a picture of what I am looking for below. Thanks

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  1. Well, those appear to be flanken cut short ribs, so I'd say Asian butchers to start (cut is popular with Korean BBQ). Have also seen them at Loblaws (very thin) and I can get them with a bit of lead time at Claude et Henri at the Atwater Market.

    1. I just got some from Marche PA on Parc and St Joseph. They weren't too cheap though, and came in a styrofoam tray; but couldn't resist it.

      1. The IGA in the Cote St. Luc shopping center has them - but I don't like those as they aren't "Thick" enough for my slow braising purposes. I get the perfect ones at a butchers' shop in the Atwater market - first one on the left as you go up the middle stairs (I would tell you the name, but it's on the tip of my tongue and not at my fingertips).

        1. That's the style of short ribs used for Korean ribs. You can get them at any Chinese/Japanese/Korean market. You can them fresh at the Chinatown markets or at the Asian ones with a butcher shop in the Cote de Neige area or Marche Hawai in VSL. If you're not near them & live in Westmount/NDG the Korean/Japanese markets will usually have packs of frozen short ribs.

          1. I like the Tours butcher shop in Atwater Market for their short ribs.

            1. Fairmont on St. Laurent usually has them in his showcase. He'll cut them as thick or thin as you want.

              1. Loblaws and Provigo sold them for awhile to push the Korean PC sauce. Haven't seen them there recently. But they're very common in Asian grocery stores. The store next to Play it Again Sports on Decarie in NDG has them, and the big Asian store on St Catherine between Guy and Atwater has them too. They always seem to be cheaper and better at these kind of stores.

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                  "the big Asian store", do you mean the Japanese/Korean place a few doors east of Maison Bulgogi? Or is there another big Asian store I'm missing?

                2. Boucherie Shalom, on Van Horne above Victoria has marbled, Kosher, flavourful short ribs. Around $28.00 a kilo, and worth it.
                  Cinq Saisons sells Angus, aged short ribs that are good.
                  The Korean stores usually cut the ribs into 1/4 inch thickness and sell them frozen. They are ok, but if you have had Korean barb'q, the ribs are never tender.

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                    Speaking of Cinq saisons, I just got two steaks there today, for the first BBQ of the year and they made me cry - like butter. Grilled to a perfect medium rare they were fabulous.

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                      Yup, they're the go-to, last minute butcher when coming from downtown. They do do good steak.

                  2. You can also get them at the biftheque butcher shops.