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Mar 20, 2009 12:54 PM

Litchfield CT and nearby TOP 3

lunch, dinner desserts from Litchfield, Bantam, Kent, Warren and Washington Depot, Must be Clean and inexpensive want one lunch spot, one dinner and specialty spots for goodies to bring home. Where would you go, order and why please!! Thanks very much

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  1. Lunch is easy - either the Pantry in Washington Depot or Mamie's in Roxbury. The Pantry is a bit bigger, and you can shop while you wait for your food! Mamie's is a bit more rustic, but hearty and delicious! For treats, you should hit Belgique in Kent for great chocolates, and if you had lunch at Mamie's you should take home some almond cake or snickerdoodles! Dinner depends on your mood. If you want good Italian/pizzas, go to Doc's in Kent. If you want more of a tavern setting, then go to GW Tavern in Washington. Nothing is truly inexpensive up here, but all reasonable. Not a food treat, but you should also stop at Rain Soaps in New Preston - the best soaps ever!

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      Thank you very much, what order at The Pantry or Doc's please? I have been to Belgique and it is my favorite in the world, I will defintely be there to bring home goodies. We like anywhere I my hubby can get chicken in a very clean kitchen and restaurant. Thanks