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Mar 20, 2009 12:44 PM

Num Pang reports?

Eater says they opened to the public today. I've been waiting with bated breath.

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  1. I was planning on eating there for lunch today but was scared away by the crowd out front. After lunch, there was still a small line. I am going to walk by after work and get a sandwich since I work down the block. It smelled really good when I walked past. Funny, there was no one at University Pita today.

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      Cool, I look forward to your report. I won't be able to get over there today.

      1. re: D...DF

        I got a a grilled cauliflower sandwich for myself and a pork sandwich for my bf. The cauliflower was kinda soft and the eggplant was more of like a sauce/marmalade. The bread was toasted nicely but kinda dense and my whole sandwich was kinda mushy but really tasty. I liked my bf's pork sandwich better. Both were $6.75. It's a good quick lunch spot for the area.

    2. Serious Eats did a post on the soft opening here ->

      1. I visited Num Pang on Saturday. The crowds were thinner than I anticipated, though it still took a good 20 minutes between getting in line and leaving with sandwich in hand. The bread was good, toasted so that the outsides were crusty and crisp, while the insides were still soft and moist. The filling in my shrimp num pang was generous, but was wanting some acid and more cilantro to cut through all the mayo. I didn't detect much heat, though perhaps that and the acid were to be supplied by the pickled cabbage which was missing from my sandwich.

        I'm a fan of the num pang at Kampuchea, especially the oxtails. The vegetables are plentiful and provide a sharp contrast to the rich meats, but Num Pang seems to offer more of a to-go version of the signature dish: smaller, less loaded and I suppose more transportable. If I'd not had the sandwiches at their sister restaurant, I'd be fine with what I ordered, but I know that these could be a whole lot better.

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          I called them early in the evening on Saturday to make sure they were still open, and they said they had enough food for about twenty more sandwiches. Maybe they had to skimp a little to stretch it out...?

        2. I was there Friday evening at 6PM. Looked like the line outside of Artichoke or the evacuation of Saigon. I fought my way in and managed to get two sandwiches: the grilled pork and the veal meatballs. Took them upstairs and got a table overlooking the garage next door (which kind of made me feel like I was at a roadside stand in Vietnam/Cambodia). The grilled pork was great. On a par with Nicky's on 2nd Street. A little sriracha sauce made it even better. The meatballs were evn better though the tomato sauce made me wonder whether it was the italians rather than the french who occupied southeast Asia. On a par with the sloppy bau sandwich at Bauguette on Lex. Hopefully the crowds will die down.

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            Went back and had the pulled pork (as opposed to the grilled pork) and the meatballs again. Though still great, the novelty is fading a bit for me. The sweet stewed tomato sauce really conflicts with the mayo, cucumber and carrots on the meatballs. Similarly, the pulled pork was not as good (or as Cambodian/Vietnamese) as the grilled pork. I think I'll stick with Baoguette and Saigon Bakery. Still have to try An Choi's traditional banh mi -their crispy pork belly which I reviewed in a sepaarte thread was reminiscent of Porchetta.

          2. Stopped by today (mon.) at 6PM. They're closed until tomorrow, working out the kinks I guess...