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Mar 20, 2009 12:24 PM

Augie's Prime Cut-Mohegan Lake?

Has anyone tried the new steakhouse in Mohegan Lake called Augie's Prime cut??

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  1. Went a few weeks ago - good food- great burger, good prime rib, however no etoh, I drove by today and the sign said bar open- will go soon and send a report

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      We went last night. We walked in at 6pm and it was already almost full. By the time we left just about all the tables were full. Very small but nice looking place. Our server was very attentive and very cheery.

      They brought over a basket of rolls; mini kaiser and a knot roll with sesame seeds. I ordered a vodka tonic and it was way too strong. I did see some tables with traditional martinis. We started with the cornmeal fried calamari and they came out piping hot and tasted fresh-they send a tiny little thing of sauce and we requested more. My older daughter had the strip steak and a baked potato- the steak was huge. My younger daughter had the fish and chips that had a HUGE portion of french fries. She liked her meal but I forgot to taste the fish. They looked nice and crispy. I had the 12oz filet and a baked potato. I was going to order medium rare and the server told me the chef cooks on the red side so I ordered medium and I am glad that I did as the filet was medium rare and really perfect. We skipped dessert. The bill without tax was $96 for the 3 of us. When we left the hostess did not say thank you or goodbye. Silly complaint but when dropping $100 on dinner it would be nice to be acknowledged on the way out.

      I don't think it is somewhere we wll go to a lot but it's nice to have a steakhouse up in our neck of the woods.

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        We ate there before they had their liquor license as well. The food was good enough but the service was crappy. The waiter was leaning over/sitting on the back of the chair of the table across from us. Where is the professionalism. hostess was nice enough and welcomed and thanked us. The place was nicely decorated, bathrooms were beautiful. The music playing left something to be desired. Definitely did not fit the atmosphere I thought they were trying to portray. Otherwise, I would recommend its worth the try!

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