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Augie's Prime Cut-Mohegan Lake?

Has anyone tried the new steakhouse in Mohegan Lake called Augie's Prime cut??


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  1. Went a few weeks ago - good food- great burger, good prime rib, however no etoh, I drove by today and the sign said bar open- will go soon and send a report

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      We went last night. We walked in at 6pm and it was already almost full. By the time we left just about all the tables were full. Very small but nice looking place. Our server was very attentive and very cheery.

      They brought over a basket of rolls; mini kaiser and a knot roll with sesame seeds. I ordered a vodka tonic and it was way too strong. I did see some tables with traditional martinis. We started with the cornmeal fried calamari and they came out piping hot and tasted fresh-they send a tiny little thing of sauce and we requested more. My older daughter had the strip steak and a baked potato- the steak was huge. My younger daughter had the fish and chips that had a HUGE portion of french fries. She liked her meal but I forgot to taste the fish. They looked nice and crispy. I had the 12oz filet and a baked potato. I was going to order medium rare and the server told me the chef cooks on the red side so I ordered medium and I am glad that I did as the filet was medium rare and really perfect. We skipped dessert. The bill without tax was $96 for the 3 of us. When we left the hostess did not say thank you or goodbye. Silly complaint but when dropping $100 on dinner it would be nice to be acknowledged on the way out.

      I don't think it is somewhere we wll go to a lot but it's nice to have a steakhouse up in our neck of the woods.

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        We ate there before they had their liquor license as well. The food was good enough but the service was crappy. The waiter was leaning over/sitting on the back of the chair of the table across from us. Where is the professionalism. hostess was nice enough and welcomed and thanked us. The place was nicely decorated, bathrooms were beautiful. The music playing left something to be desired. Definitely did not fit the atmosphere I thought they were trying to portray. Otherwise, I would recommend its worth the try!

    2. Went there last night and had a very good meal. Good option for the area!

      1. My daughter and I ate there. After reading some of the posts we opted to dine early as to beat the rush. We were walkins with no reservation but had no problem getting a table. We split an appetizer of Shrimp cocktail, both had the smallest cut of prime rib, and both had dessert. I had a glass of wine and my daughter had a soda. The whole bill.... under $80. I felt it was well worth the price and had no problems with the service either.

        1. It was pretty good when me and my girlfriend went, there's not really many other steak houses around up here to choose from.

          1. After reading a really bad post about the place when it first opened, I have read so many good ones that we have a reservation for Saturday night. I will let you know how it turns out.

            1. Gave it second try and will not return. Had a reservation at 8, at 8:15 I said something, and a manager came over and said there was a 20 minute grace period, and he was doing me a favor by allowed me to wait, that if I was late he would wait for me. He then ( at 8:26), led us to a table, only to see another worker sit another party at it. NO APOLOGY. We were seated right in front of the waiters station, and kitchen door. Waitress tood drink and appitizer orders, might have been nice if she took everyones before walking away- she forgot me. Finaly waved her down and ordered, appitizers were great- freshly cooed shrimp cocktail, and tuna tartare. Salads okay. Mains were mixed- prime rib was good, but extremley fatty, about a 2:1 fat to meat ratio, salmon tasted like the entire salt shaker was dumped on it, a new one was better. It did have the tase of bacon on it. Surf and truf items were brought out on seperate plates, about 5 minutes apart, lobster was doused in what seemed to be the entire serving of butter, a new unbuttered one was brought out by the manager, who had an obnoxious attitude. We skipped dessert, but were forced to listed to the entire description of there upcoming special nights. Too bad the service and attitde of the staff was so awful, it is a lovely place, and the food has potential,

              1. We went recently and thought it was very good. Actually having just gone to Morton's it was a downright bargin. We got a porterhouse for 2, which is served Lugar's style on a sizzling plate) and it came with a potatoe and salad for each person. At $74.00 (price for 2 people) I think it's a good deal. We really enjoyed the steak. Also had dessert, we split a key lime pie, it wasn't the best I've ever had but it was good, I liked the crust.

                1. LOL- the night I was there they "ran out of bread".... Seriously??????? What's even better then the fact that they ran out of bread, was that they served Soft Pretzels instead!!!!!!! Could you imagine????? Ohhhhh Fancy, pretzels!!!!

                  Augie's Prime Cut Restaurant & Bar
                  3436 Lexington Ave, Mohegan Lake, NY 10547

                  1. We had dinner tonight at Augie's Prime Cut, it was awful from start to finish this includes both the food and service. My water had to be sent back, twice, and it still came back with black crud floating in it. Not a word from the waiter regarding the dirty water. I ordered a seltzer (2.50) no dirt. I ordered a bowl of of clam chowder touted by our waiter as homemade and very, very good. I had one spoonful of the soup, the waiter asked if anything was wrong, and I told him I didn't like it at all and that it tasted like progresso, he had nothing to say and walked away. Next came a bacon cheddar burger and a rib eye, both cooked rare both bloodless, tasteless and tough, gummy mashed potatoes and frozen tasteless french fries all of the food was of such poor quality. This place is a joke, I am actually embarrassed for them it is so bad. We left most of the food over. Our waiter asked if everything was okay but did not wait for us to answer he cleared our plates without asking if we would like anything wrapped. He gave us a check which included the $7.00 bowl of progresso clam chowder. No mention of the dirty water, or for the most part untouched food. This is not an expensive steakhouse but $26.00 for a Sizzler quality steak is incomprehensible I felt so ripped off when we left.

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                      man do i hate to agree with the people on this site,that restaurant is not good at all,i didnt have a problem with my water but everything else was off,tuna app loaded with lemon ,ceasar salad you could taste the vinager,ribeye chewy and a porterhouse that must have been frozen hope they can turn it around

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                        I noticed that most of the good reviews were from last summer and before and most of the bad reviews were from this year, I wonder if they started out strong to get a following and then started feeling the pinch of the economy and took some shortcuts. I hope they can revive their standards, I would also like to see this restaurant make it.

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                        It is difficult to give this restaurant a rating as we never got a chance to eat there. Made a reservation for 7pm on saturday night. after waiting in an incredibly packed restaurant for a half an hour, which we were happy to see and looking forward to a great meal, the hostess brought us to our table. what a joke. the table was smack in the middle of the room by a post and obviously put there to handle the over-bookings of the evening. It was barely big enough for one person, let alone two -- had we ordered even one plate each and a drink they wouldn't have fit on the table. while the waiter was apologetic he 'didn't have another table at that time" which was obvious as every other table was full and/or promised to someone else. We just got up and left. If you are going to pay over $100 for a dinner you don't want to spend it cramped in the middle of a room with people/kids climbing all over you. A nice solution would have been to ask us to wait at the bar with a complementary glass of wine or something for the next more-suitable table.

                        We will go back as we have a gift certificate and are interested in trying the place but will be very specific about the table that we request.

                        Augie's better step up the pace. Honestly, we would rather go to Charlie Browns' and sit in the bar area -- the service there is great and while the steaks might not be of the same caliber you know what you are getting.

                      3. Boy... I wish I had seen this site before dropping over $100 at Augie's. First, they screwed up our reservations (for our anniversary). I asked for a 7:30 reservation on Saturday night. When we arrived, they filed it under 7:00 (claimed they don't take 7:30 reservations) and under the wrong name. It looked like they didn't believe we had a reservation. Thank God they had my cell phone number. Needless to say, our table was not ready. We waited 20mins for our table, no apologies, no drinks on the house, nothing! Then they sit us at this crappy table in the middle of the restaurant. My wife's chair was hit 2-3 times by the guy squeezed in behind her. Then the waiter comes... Matt. Asked us for our drink order and then goes right into the specials at about 20 words per second. Rattled things off like we were wasting his time. After my wife ordered a petite filet, I asked him for a recommendation between the ribeye and the NY strip. He suggested the porterhouse for two as a better deal. The problem was the porterhouse was $23 dollars more than the two steaks together would have been. Are you kidding me?!?!? When I got the bill, I asked why he presented the porterhouse as a "more for your value" option when it cost more, he send it was a better cut of meat. Complete BS! The steaks were average at best. I've had better steaks at home from Stew's. WE WILL NOT BE BACK!

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                          You didn't ask who it was a better deal for :-(. If it were me, I would have asked the price before ordering (but I guess you knew that now).

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                            Had dinner there the other night, an it was very decent.
                            GOod steaks, well cooked (and as ordered). Sides were okay as well, creamed spinach really good, mashed potato average to fair. Dessert actually quite good. The only complaint was the butter served with the (really good) bread was some sort of flavoured compound butter that was both hard as a rock in its ramekin (as though kept in a freezer) and oddly rancid tasting.

                            The place was really quiet (Monday night) except fo the bar. but service was both friendly and professional, no complaint there.
                            I WOULD rather see the tv's at the bar off or better hidden, it's not exactly a romantic or fine dining experience to be unable to avoid the football games.

                            but on the whole the place was pretty good, and not at all as bad as some of the reviews here seem to have found it.