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Mar 20, 2009 12:15 PM

Best croque monsieur?

Greetings to all...
I will be in Paris next week and am in search of the city's BEST croque monsieur. It is my favorite sandwich in the entire world, and would love to sample those that you consider to be outstanding. Thank you in advance! : )

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  1. Best in Paris was at a small, really small cafe off the Lamain-Caulincourt metro around the corner from Fromage Rebecca, actually had a croque madame and with the side salad was great, thick handsliced ham, old gruyere,and the egg cooked perfectly. The best ever had though, l make. If you are in Paris when l am there, will gladly make for you and your guests.

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      Thank you! Will make note. Leaving tomorrow, et toi? Merci.

        1. re: souphie

          Will try to find name of place from the woman l went with, will report back, if not wait for me, and we will go together

        2. My grand daughter practically subsists on croque madames and her favorite so far is the generous one served on Poilane bread at Le Nemrod ( corner of St. Placide and Cherche Midi)

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              The Croque Imperial at Chez Flottes (on Poilane) was quite good; and they have a veggie alternative called Croque Provencal, as well. Only served with frites, however, as I recall.

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                  One of the best I ever had was served and bought over the counter at PAUL, a bread bakery chain restaurant we found in many cities around France (sometimes as a shop in a shoppng mall (grands surfaces). They offer sandwiches and other items for eat-in and take-out. You find it in a display counter and they will heat it up for you if you ask.

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                    Thanks to all for the recs! I actually tried croque madame's this time around and fell in love with them more so than the monsieur. The best I had were at: Le Parisien (in the 6th) and Le Primerose (in the 15th).