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Mar 20, 2009 11:45 AM

Red Hook Ball Fields Latino Food


I've been trying to find how to get to the Red Hook Latino street vendors. I know this might be the last summer they are there so I want to make sure I experience them. I keep getting articles ABOUT them and just pointing to the ball fields. Is there an address (even something close by) that I can just enter into and get there from Manhattan?

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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  1. This link has directions:

    Obviously they are not yet open for the season

    1. You can find a few of them at the Brooklyn Flea in DUMBO on weekends, although I think this weekend is the last of the flea in DUMBO before it moves back to Fort Greene

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        When do they open? And why is it possibly the last year?

        1. re: dark knight

          Here is a map for have to zoom in

          And here is a great article that I have to say I am PSYCHED to just find!

          Last summer, the soccer fields were zilch. There was nothing but a few vendors out on the road. I did however get to experience the vendors the year *before* that and thank god because yes, its amazing. I feel lucky that I got in on the action when there were talks of the vendors possibly being no more.

          Apparently a 6 year contract- woohoo! Give yourself the entire day. And plan to wait on very long lines for food. Its worth it though.