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Mar 20, 2009 11:31 AM

wine and cheese show

Just returned from the wine and cheese show at the International Centre.
I dunno, is it just me..or does this show get smaller and smaller each year.
Its $18 to get into the show and then I spent another $10 for 10 tickets..and I could
have easily bought another round of $10 but didnt. LOL.
Not sure about the value of these shows anymore.
Any other thoughts out there?.

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  1. The "suburban" show that you went to has a reputation as a drinking show, with free parking, for those who live outside Toronto.

    The more sophisticated show is the November show at the Metro Convention Centre, which is packed with people. You must pay for parking, or, even better, just take the TTC. It is the show for Torontonians.

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    1. re: Dean Tudor

      I'm not fond of either show. Massive crowds (although I will agree with Dean that the Food & Wine show downtown is even more packed), anything "interesting" from a wine perspective is $5 (5 tickets) a sample at a minimum - most things I wanted to taste last time was in the $8-25 range. I refuse to pay that for a 1 ounce pour in a tiny ISO tasting glass. I'd rather head out for dinner or pick up bottles at the LCBO or my cellar and actually enjoy the wine over conversation with friends.

      Then there's dealing with the groups of people that use it as a bar and end up passed out on couches in the "common" areas of the MCC.

      Never again.

      1. re: futronic

        Sounds just as I have envisioned it to be, and totally agree. Not for me!

      2. re: Dean Tudor

        If you go to the Food and Wine show in the early afternoon you can avoid a lot of the crowds. I was there for a full day last time and it didn't start getting really packed until about 3 hours before close.
        As for the Wine and Cheese show, what good is free parking for a wine show? Your DD is going to get very bored if you take that route.

      3. I found the same thing when I went to the Canada Blooms show at the Metro Convention Centre. It was smaller. It's $16 to get in + parking. I remember when all the sponsors would practically pay for your admission in samples of their products that you would take home. Corporations slash this kind of spending during these shows. Did you notice there were not as many corporate sponsors? It's because of lack of sponsorship given our economy.