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Where can I buy fresh flour tortillas?

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I'm looking for a place in San Francisco that sells fresh flour tortillas - store bought just isn't cutting it anymore.

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  1. Some Costcos sometimes have Tortillaland raw flour tortillas in the refrigerator case. You cook them just before serving.

    They're better than any I've had outside of those rare restaurants that make them to order, and I haven't found one of those places around here yet.

    A couple of past topics on the subject:


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        Yeah, TJ's are the brand that I've been using recently, but they're just really not that good. I've found that they spoil in a matter of days and don't have much flavor to them.

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          Thanks, then I will try the spot found by the Queen of Rumrill, in RL's link above, on my next trip to San Pablo.
          El Porvenir Produce Market.
          1537 Rumrill Blvd
          San Pablo, CA 94806

      2. La Palma on 24th (at Florida) is better known for their Corn Tortillas. But their flour tortillas are pretty darn good too!

        1. I added a "place" link

          La Palma Mexicatessen
          2884 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110