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Mar 20, 2009 11:28 AM

Female dining solo in Vegas

I'm going to Vegas in a week! I will be there for 4 nights -- two of them with a coworker and 2 of them solo. We are planning to have dinner at Nob Hill 1 night. The other night we are still discussing.

My question is for the 2 solo nights. I thought that 1 night I would go to the Buffet at the Bellagio. Will I be okay as a solo female at Vegas restaurants?

Here are some other places I'm considering for either the solo night or the other night with my coworker: Fiamma (at MGM), Café Babareeba, Mon Ami Gabi (Paris I think), B&B Ristorante (Venetian) Simons (Palm Place) Alex (Wynn) for the 3 course special, Stratta (Wynn) for the 3 course special, Picasso (Bellegio) or Bouchon (Venetian)

I can't go money crazy. We are on the company dime. I can supplement the spending on my other solo night. What do you all recommend?

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  1. Bouchon is great for a solo, especially at the bar.

    Bar Charlie has a 5-course meal for around $100. Bar-type seating perfect for a solo diner.

    Both Fiamma and Nobhill have prix fixe menus for around $60. You have to ask for it though.

    L'atelier is also a bar-style dining experience which works great for solo diners. They currently offer a 5-course menu for around $70 which I highly recommend. Again, they won't volunteer it, you have to ask for it.

    You won't go wrong if you decide to spring for Alex. It's one of the finest dining venues in town.

    Based on my experience and multiple reviews on this site, I've come to conclusion that B&B is a crapshoot. When they are on, they really deliver. Unfortunately, they can also go the complete opposite direction. Only being there 4-nights, I'd probably suggest going with places that have demonstrated more consistency.

    With all the fantastic dining options in Vegas, why subject yourself to the gluttonous mediocrity of the Bellagio Buffet? I say this because in honor of the current economy, a large number of the strip restaurants have prix fixe menus. This is a unique opportunity to rampage though some of the better venues in Vegas for reasonable prices. Buffets are a remnant of Vegas's not so distinguished past which seem to be slowly fading into oblivion where they belong. I'm sure as far as buffets go, the Bellagio is one of the better ones though.

    1. I plugged in your request and came up with L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon came immediately to my mind. I did a review of this restaurant, along with a few more, similar ones about 9 mos. ago. I could see the counter area as being great for a solo diner. We did the chef's tasting, and the sommelier's pairings, and the staff behind the counter spend a great deal of time discussing every aspect of the meal, and the wines. If you are in rapt conversation with the servers and kitchen staff, plus the sommelier, you are not likely to be bothered by anyone.

      I have dined solo, while my wife is in board meetings, etc., and have never felt uncomfortable anywhere in LV. I am not sure how it would be for a young lady, but cannot imagine that it would be THATdifferent. Still, the counter at L'Atelier should be perfect. If anyone bothers you, explain that you are in a conversation with the sommelier, and plan on continuing this for the rest of the evening.

      Please post your decisons and how well they worked out for you.

      Link to review:


      L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon
      3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

      1. To answer your general question, restaurants in Las Vegas are used to catering to single diners. You shouldn't have any problem at all.

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          Definitely stay away from the buffet. I would agree with everyone that said L' atelier you will for sure feel comfortable there and you'll get to try some amazing food. Also Craftsteak would be good. I would go there before Fiamma. Cut in the Palazzo would be another option as well.

        2. i live in vegas and i eat out on my own all the time. just about anywhere is ok for women on their own. just pick what you like and go for it.

          1. I'm going to LV next week solo, and I have reservations at Alex (been there before by myself and was treated like royalty), Bar Charlie, and Le Cirque (also dined there solo a number of years ago and was treated very well). I've dined solo at Picasso, and didn't receive such a warm welcome. I've dined at L'Atelier Joel Robuchon in NYC, and it was very good. I've heard great things about Bar Charlie. I don't even like having breakfast at the buffet (definitely wouldn't want dinner).