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Mar 20, 2009 11:23 AM

Last-Minute Dinner at One Market Tonight

My husband just called me at work and surprised me with dinner reservations at One Market for later tonight. Has anyone ordered the prix fix Market dinner recently? I'm not a fan of duck, but the other choice on the prix fix is steamed fish which I think I'd enjoy. It looks like a pretty good deal, especially with the wine pairings.

What about the Chef's Table menu? Is that worth the $79/pp cost? What are your favorites at One Market? I generally prefer to split a salad and order several appetizers in lieu of an entree, but my husband is definitely going to want an entree. Also, he has a huge sweet tooth, so would like to hear about their desserts.

I've read UHockey's recent report which piqued my interest in One Market, but additional input from local CHs would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Well, even though you didn't get any help, what did you order. Might be a help to someone else with a smilar question. Did you select the chef's table menu?

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      We decided against the prix fix and chef's table menu. The prix fix consisted of a choice between the garden salad and soup (can't remember what kind, but obviously it wasn't something that excited me too much), duck or steamed fish, and choice of dessert. The chef's table also included duck and since I had no idea what to expect in terms of quality and taste, I opted not to take the risk and just play it safe that night. Especially since this was our first visit to One Market.

      We ordered the crab salad appetizer, grilled octopus appetizer, smoked trout appetizer, pork loin entrée, orange cream sundae mini dessert, one Guiness and one mint lemonade. Total after taxes and a generous tip was $125.

      We loved the crab salad and grilled octopus (both were AMAZING, especially the octopus), but the remaining items were just meh. The potato served with the smoke trout was just lukewarm and the trout didn't taste especially fresh. The pork loin tasted too much liked smoked ham and the bacon surrounding the loin was barely cook through and totally flabby.

      The octopus appetizer included three or four very small pieces of octopus, but it was cooked perfectly. The roasted pumpkins seeds provided great texture and the sauce was both savory and sweet. It was hard to keep myself from licking my plate clean!

      I liked the crab salad much more than my husband. I loved the unique gelee surrounding the crab meat and found it very refreshing and unique.

      The bread and butter were absolutely tasteless. How they could serve such horrible bread when Acme is just across the street is beyond me. We also disliked the amuse buche which consisted of some sort of liver quenelle on a crostini with shaved cocoa nibs. I took a tiny bite and the remainder went untouched. My husband thought it tasted god-awful.

      Our table offered a terrific view of the Ferry Bldg and the bridge and as I mentioned, the crab salad and grilled octopus were absolutely delicious. We would definitely go back for a light meal or maybe drinks and appetizer at the bar, although the bar was totally packed when we arrived at 7pm, but I don't think we're going to rush back for a return visit any time soon.

      One Market Restaurant
      1 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

      1. re: cvhound

        >>> The bread and butter were absolutely tasteless. How they could serve such horrible bread when Acme is just across the street is beyond me.

        It is a chain in a way, one of many of Bradly Odgen's many restaurants. I always thought it was a shame that he never was able to transfer his magic to the many restaurants he opened. I was a super fan of his at Campton Place. Lark Creek when it opened and he was in the kitchen was wonderful too. I still remember the terrifice bread basket when we had Thanksgiving dinner there the first year it was open. Then as more and more restaurants opened, the quality across the board went down.

        One Market does have wine deals occasionally with 1/2 price bottles.

        Thanks for reporting back.