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Mar 20, 2009 11:16 AM

Need Healthy Lunch Places - Santa Clarita

Hi all,
Going to be starting up work again next week in Santa Clarita and looking for some new and healthier places for lunch (salads, etc) . I know it is the land of chains but desperate for an good local spots. They don't have to deliver, we have someone to pick-up. Thanks!

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  1. The only place that I can think of is Thelma's Morning Cafe, it's breakfast and lunch only.

    Thelma's Morning Cafe
    22876 Copper Hill Dr, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

    1. What part of Santa Clarita? Its pretty big and if you have a limited lunch, it may be hard to get to some places.

      Pita pit 28253 Newhall Ranch Rd
      Santa Clarita, CA 91355
      (661) 702-9977

      Sandwiches where you pick the ingredients, very tasty and fresh.

      Strada 26910 Sierra Hwy
      Santa Clarita, CA 91321
      (661) 298-8080
      Good salads, soups
      Lily's Cafe
      23700 Lyons Ave
      Newhall, CA 91321
      (661) 259-9656

      They do a great turkey sandwich, real roast turkey, good soups as well, beef vegetable

      27131 Sierra Hwy #100
      Canyon Country, CA 91351
      (661) 251-6666
      For chicken wraps, salad grape leaves,

      Stonefire Grill has nice salads
      23300 Cinema Dr
      Valencia, CA 91355
      (661) 799-8282

      Grill Kabob
      Great kabobs, salads
      27653 Bouquet Canyon Road
      Santa Clarita, CA 91322
      (661) 263-7445

      That's what comes to mind, if I think of more, i'll let you know

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      1. re: LisaN

        Our offices are not too far from McBean/Magic Mountain Parkway intersection. We aren't able to go out to lunch but we order and one of us picks it up. So it's nice to have food that travels okay. Thanks for all your help

        1. re: breenp

          The best and possibly the healthiest restaurant we have here in Valencia, in my honest opinion, is Maru.
          I took the following from their website: "menus are seasonally-inspired and adhere to the freshest and highest quality ingredients, including fresh fish flown overnight from Japan and organic farmers' market produce."

          I have tried almost every item from their menu, and I can assure you that the above statement is completely true.

          They have the best salads, and if you like sushi, you will be very happy.
          Read the reviews on Yelp, and you can get an idea. Maru is a Japanese restaurant, but with much more than just Japanese food.

          They serve an excellent roasted beet salad and a very good prosciutto & walnut salad. I have seen many people picking up their take out during lunch hours.

          Look on their website for their lunch menu, and especially their market menu.

          24250 Town Center Dr
          Ste 180
          Valencia, CA 91355
          (661) 290-2595

          They are just a few blocks from McBean/Magic Mountain Parkway intersection.


      2. You're close to the Habit which is on Mc Bean - Love their BBQ chick salad. Ask for dressings on the side. They're very accommodating. Also can get a scoop of avocado on the side for 1$
        Also at Mcbean /Valencia there's a Whole Foods - great salad bar, cheeses, sushi, sammys, soups, etc. -24130 Valencia Blvd and Bristol Farms opened earlier in the year - 23975 Newhall Ranch Road - Better sushi and soups esp. on Friday, their crab chowder -OMG! salad bar here too.
        Then the ole' Trader Joe's standby off Cinema Dr. which is a small curved street easily reached either by MM Pkwy or by going down on McBean to Valencia (R) to Cinema - AAA is right where you'll be. You can get a local street map from them. (On Thurs afternoons, you can catch the local farmers market on Lyons in Newhall)

        1. breenp: Please let us know what you tried in the SCV, and how you liked it.

          1. There is a new-ish place called The Urbane Cafe, at the corner of McBean and The Old Road. It's sandwich spot, and has a kind of chain-y feel (what in the SCV doesn't?). They have pretty tasty sandwiches, including several vegetarian options, and you can order you sandwich with a side salad. They also bake the bread in-shouse, in a real over, not the Subway refrigerator-looking thing. They also carry Kettle Chips - certainly not healthy, but better than the standard Doritos.

            Urbane Cafe
            25916 The Old Road, Valencia, CA 91381