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Mar 20, 2009 11:08 AM

Does Tulane graduation make dining difficult?

Hi, we'll be visiting May 14-17. I notice that Tulane graduates Saturday the 16th and that there are festivities leading up to it. I wonder if this will make dining uptown (or elsewhere for that matter) challenging. Obviously we can make reservations in advance but I wonder if there is a localized effect uptown or in certain parts of Uptown. Would Patois, Lilette, Petite Grocery, Bistro Daisy (for instance) be better visited another time? Will the Columns hotel be overrun? thx to all -

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  1. If you have a reservation I see no reason why it would affect your dining experience at any of the places listed other than the Columns, which will most likely be overrun. However, I don't know if the Columns even serves food on a regular basis post-Katrina.


    1. Columns is definitely to be avoided during graduation weekends. They do serve food, but it's not great and it's overpriced, so you'd have no reason to eat there anyway.

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        The Columns is always overrun it seems like. Best to avoid.

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          If you happen to be around on Monday night, David Doucet of BeauSoleil plays at the Columns for a few hours starting at 8. That is a great time to go there, enjoy the usually well-mixed drinks and interesting atmosphere and hear some awesome music. It's never crowded except the Monday of Jazz Fest. If you're interested, call ahead to check that he'll be playing, as he only does it on Mondays that he's not on tour with the band.

      2. Students start making graduation reseverations as early as December. Call now if you're coming into town that weekend.