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Mar 20, 2009 10:22 AM

Final restaurant list for 4 days in NO-feedback please

Here is my final list for jazz fest

Saturday-Stella or cochon

please let me know if this is a good list

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  1. The short answer is yes, it is a very good list.

    If you're looking for a certain atmosphere, dishes, experience, etc. though let us know and we might be able to tailor it a bit, but otherwise I would love to be your friend for those four days!

    Edit- Sorry, I did not see the other thread, but my reply still stands as is.


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    1. re: thecajunfoodie

      thanks for your help. Is there anywhere fun that you would recommend??

    2. Cochon is much better for lunch. Stick to Stella.

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      1. re: mrsfury

        I was going to propose Stella outright. The food at Jazzfest on the same level as Cochon, but the genre and "oddities" (f you think gator is an oddity) covered by the Cochon menu can be found at Jazzfest in their less glorious forms, and three days of eating it will probably put you more in line with going to Stella.

        Aside to Chef Link, Jazzfest vendors, and Wanda Walker: please forgive me for that comment, I love you all and Ms. Walker, I will see you and your glorious cochon de lait poboy in about a month!