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Mar 20, 2009 09:51 AM

Food in Richmond? Whats local favorite

I just moved here from Durham, NC and am looking for killer places to eat at. I don't care for fancy. I appreciate great local produce prepared correctly! Black Sheep, 8 1/2, and Lulus are a few that I have found that I enjoy. Please advise!

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  1. Millies, Azzurro, Little Venice

    1. Millie's, Edo's Squid, Mediterraneo, Osaka, Sushi O, Thai Diner Too, Comfort, Kuba Kuba

      1. In addition to NXS and Janet's recs:

        Mamma Zu, Si Tapas, Six Burner, Tortillera San Luis, Alexander's BBQ, Coppola's, Can Can

        1. DD33, mama cucina, ichiban, malabar, istanbul, sensi, acacia (last two are a bit fancy but really good)
          these are some of the best places here (other than ones already mentioned but can't say any other than acacia will have a fresh local produce bent). just good.

          fresh/local - the edible garden is nice.

          not restaurant but... de luca gelato is a good local place too

          1. I'm almost embarrassed to recommend Pegasus at Libbie and Patterson, but we keep going back for the consistently good food and value. They have the crispy outside, juicy inside oysters I demand, good veal and fish dishes, and the best calves liver ever (special on Thurs, I think). It is well populated by geriatric customers, it appears (I am one), but it has never disappointed. Try the fruity Chilean red with everything, and you will be content, too.