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Mar 20, 2009 09:48 AM

Need ideas for birthday dinner for toddler on Main Line

Can anyone recommend a fun restaurant (other than Chuckie Cheese) on the Main Line to have a birthday dinner for a toddler? It will just be a small group of family attending, but I'd like a place that is fun, kid-friendly and might go out of their way to give him a balloon and/or come out singing with a slice of cake for him!

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  1. What about Ruby's (Ardmore or KoP)?

    FWIW, I can say that although I too despise Chuck-E-Cheese, kids really like it... but it's for kids older than toddlerhood - no need to suffer through it before early elementary school age! Ditto for Ricky's Candy in Wayne - your toddler is too young, and the one birthday party I attended there was awful - not just I-hate-this-where's-the-bar-awful, it wasn't really fun for the kids - they simply didn't get what's appropriate for the age.

    If ice cream is a possibility, you could do Maggie Moo's in Gateway Shopping Center.

    or Petrucci's

    or -my favorite idea, if you're willing to drive a bit-
    Chester Springs Creamery, where the can even pet the cows

    Since it's just mostly adults/family, I'd go someplace you like & ask them ahead of time to do something birthday-ish. Most places are so happy to do that.