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Mar 20, 2009 09:31 AM

Japanese, inexpensive to moderate, not sushi

Hello. I am craving Japanese food but I am going to eat with someone who doesn't like sushi so I was hoping you could suggest a good venue with a large variety of cooked Japanese food, like izakaya (pub food) or washoku or some sort of home style cooking.

I heard Aburiya Kinnosuke was good, and the rating on menu pages were excellent except..... for the very last poster who said they have gone down hill since the menu change and has become a mediocre run of the mill Japanese place. Is there any validity to that post?

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  1. Go Japanese Restaurant on St. Mark's was my go-to okonomiyaki source until I moved out of the Village. Their sushi was always fine, never great - it's basically the sushi of a place that doesn't make sushi its selling point, but I never had any bad fish there. Also, the ramen leaves much to be desired. But the okonomiyaki rocks.

    Of course, there's always Ippudo.

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        Thank you very much, a most informative post!

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          I've been to Aburiya before and after that post on menupages. I didn't really notice any changes in menu, the food was still really good. I love the grilled dried skate wing dipped in japanese mayo.

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            It will be more helpful if you provide your budget.

            I agree with lanadai. I didn't notice any decline in quality at Aburiya Kinnosuke. You may also want to consider Yakitori Totto. Even if you just have the rice bowl (such as the negi tori don), it is satisfying and relatively inexpensive.

            you can also have ramen at Ippudo, soba at Sobaya, even cheaper izakaya at Natori, Ariyoshi, Rockmeisha, Riki, etc. For washoku, you can try Greenwich Grill or Basta Pasta, though they are slightly more expensive. I also like Hakata Tonton, which specializes in tonsoku (pig's feets) and Kyushu food, but I know it's not for everyone.

    1. I like Ise which I would put in the home-style cooking category. I go to the one on W 56th between 5th and 6th. There are other locations but I don't know how they compare.

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        I like Ise too. However, I have only been to the 49th street location (between Lex and 3rd). I think the price is really good for what you get and, although they have sushi on the menu, there are also cooked foods such as teriyaki and tempura too.

      2. i feel for you and it's hard to gage these situations accurately, but here goes: IZAKAYA TEN is an inexpensive, fun place with i think enough variety for your dining companion.

        1. Sakagura is very good, authentic, non-sushi Japanese.

          1. I was at Aburiya Kinnosuke in September of last year and the food was great. Then I went again about 2 months ago and noticed a decline too (I am not the person who posted on Menupages!). Provided that I didn't order the same dishes both times, I can't really fairly compare both experiences but two things that alarmed me on my 2nd visit were 1) some of the grilled dishes were a little cold when they arrived at my table, and 2) some of the meats was really tough. Still, I am willing to give them another chance in the future, but probably not in the near future.