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april fool's day food

i'm looking to make something for april fool's day for my co-workers that is actually edible (and preferably tasty, too!). i don't want to trick them with spicy cupcakes or chocolate-covered bugs or anything; i'm thinking more along the lines of making them think it looks like one thing, but when they eat it, they taste something else. the first thing that comes to mind is a meatloaf cake with mashed potato frosting. any other ideas?!

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  1. That is the first thing that came to mind when I read the beginning of your thread. I say go for it. It's hysterical.

    Of course, then again, there's that kitty litter cake served in a litter box with a scoop and Tootsie Rolls on top. You know the one? ;)

    And, on a similar theme, that garden-looking cake with gummy worms on top.

    Have fun!

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      Anne gave you the link to Surreal Gourmet. He also does Green Eggs and Ham using honeydew melon for the white part of a fried egg, a little dome of cantaloupe for the yolk, and strips of proscuitto for bacon (a twist on melon and proscuitto).

      Here's a link to a woman who makes pizza cakes. There's also a link to her appearance on Unwrapped from Food Newtwork. It tells you how she makes them. Way too sweet for me, but you know your coworkers!


      Gingerbread cookies cut out with a dog bone cutter.
      Marzipan fruit and vegetables

      Dinner Impossible did a show for magicians where the food had to fool the eye, but as I recall he had a bunch of chemicals and liquid nitrogen to use, so that's probably not gonna work!

      My favorite suggestion (but I can't find a picture to show you) is ravioli using green and white striped pasta, filled and rolled into a Tootsie Roll shape, ends twisted like a candy in a wrapper. I made them once. A bit labor intensive. But they were delicious and very fanciful. Serve with sauce.

      Wasn't there a thread on Chow not too long ago about someone's boyfriend cooking for his commercial art office? Seems there were some tromp l'oeil suggestions there.

      Edit: Never mind. It was a Grinch-themed breakfast, not fool the eye.

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        The kitty litter thing came to mind, too. No need to even make a cake if you're bothering with a litter box and scoop. Just spread chopped peanuts in the box and spread a bunch of Almond Rocas over the top. Looks just like... well, you know what it looks like. :-)

      2. Mini flower pots filled with chocolate cake 'dirt' trifle. You can make flower petals out of marshmallow slices and form a flower on a popsicle stick using icing. Gummy worms add to the dirty effect. Kind of like the garden cake, but individual

        1. My favorite is the kitty litter cake. It looks so real, it's nearly disgusting... Just type "kitty litter cake" in Google and search images.

          1. as others have said, the meatloaf & dirt cakes were my first two thoughts.

            other ideas i've seen through the years:
            - "grilled cheese" sandwiches made with toasted pound cake and frosting or buttercream
            - fake fries: cut refrigerated bread or cookie dough to look like fries, roll in sugar & bake. serve in a paper fry cup with "ketchup" (cherry or strawberry sauce) and "honey mustard" (butterscotch, caramel or apricot sauce) for dipping
            - pizza: crust is bread or cookie dough or a tortilla, sprinkled with sugar or drizzled with honey before baking. toppings are melted white chocolate (as the mozz), and various candies & nuts.
            - mock sushi: rice krispie treat & gummy candy filling wrapped with fruit leather
            - parfait/sundae glasses layered with mashed potatoes & gravy
            - vanilla yogurt or ice cream with butterscotch sauce plated to look like mashed potatoes & gravy
            - ice cream sandwiches or cookie sandwiches made to look like burgers

            and of course there are also some beef & cheese dips that [purposely or not] bear a striking resemblance to canned dog food...

            1. You could dp a meatloaf cake and then the fake hamburger cake and fries for dessert.


              There is sushi candy:


              cookie pizza:


              1. Fun idea! I love "bacon and eggs candy" made with melted white chocolate, a yellow M&M, and pretzels.

                For more great ideas, check out the Surreal Gourmet. He does "eggs" with cheesecake and canned apricots:

                And meatloaf cupcakes:

                And flower-pot salad:

                ... and much more...

                Have fun!

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                1. You can also look up Heston Blumenthal's "meat fruit", where plums are made with prairie oysters. Could take some work though.


                  1. Agree with others who have recommended "Shamburgers"


                    Or Kitty Litter Cake. I have made both, and they are huge hits. For the Kitty Litter Cake you can make any cake (My fave is a two-layer, whipped cream filled cake with chocolate icing for the base.

                    The key to the final look is making the "litter" and completely covering the cake with a thin layer of it. (I make my litter by crushing inexpensive vanilla cream filled cookies in a plastic bag, and taking a couple tablespoons out and adding a little blue food color to them, and a couple other tablespoons I add green. I layer the plain white crushed cookies thinly, then sprinkle some of the other colors over to look like chlorophyl.

                    The piece de resistance is the tootsie rolls, microwaved for a few seconds until pliable and then shaped into the "droppings." My son was especially helpful in making these for me.

                    Serve with the scooper to make it authentic.

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                      that kitty litter cake is revolting.

                    2. An independent donut shop near me does a "cheeseburger": a chocolate donut topped with bavarian cream, sandwiched between halves of a plain donut.

                      1. Potato salad packed into a loaf pan, unmolded and frosted and decorated with cream cheese.

                        1. Hubert Keller makes a great looking faux cheeseburger, using chocolate for the burger, passion fruit gelee for the cheese and a glazed donut (no hole) for the bun. Recipe can be found at http://www.fleurdelyssf.com/recipes/1...

                          1. there was a thread last fall with some good ideas: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/566952

                            1. Oooh - here's a "fauxberry" shepherd's pie:


                              There are more fun ideas under the April Fool's Day link.


                              1. I've had a savory cheesecake that looked like the dessert kind and candy pizzas.

                                1. I made Fakeghetti this week! Basically a cupcake taste..but looks like a plate of spaghetti. I got the idea at Family fun. Here's the link to my blog that tells all about it: http://kitchenbouquet.blogspot.com/20...

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                                    Really nicely done, no foolin'! And RABBIT-RABBIT-RABBIT: Happy April Fool's Day! :)