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Mar 20, 2009 09:22 AM

Pareve Milk Substitute for Pesach

Does anyone know if there is pareve "milk" (maybe almond milk,etc.) that is kosher certified for Pesach, other than the artificial coffee lighteners that are available?

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  1. This is REALLY old school (and possibly dangerous salmonella wise). But one of my books writes about using a raw egg yolk as a coffee lightener.

    1. I don't know if there are any commercially available K-for-P nut milks, but you can make your own almond milk if you have a K-for-P blender or food processor. I've never done it myself, but there are a gazillion recipes online - apparently, one soaks the almonds overnight, then puree them with the soaking liquid and strain out any remaining chunks. You can add sugar or vanilla if you are so inspired.

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        Coconut Milk would be perfect for this as there are or should be no issues.

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          I am re-posting this from last year. I tried to make almond milk on my own and it was awful. So has anyone out there seen any pareve- kosher for Pesach milk substitutes this year (again, not the artificial coffee lightener)? Soy milk is not an option, since we don't eat kitniyot.

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            From OU Website:

            The following soy milks do not contain any chometz ingredients:

            Vitasoy San Sui Original Natural soy milk

            Soy Dream Original un-enriched soy milk:

            Anyone for whom it is necessary to consume kitniyos may drink these products. However, because we are unable to verify the kosher for Passover status of the equipment on which they are produced, we recommend purchasing these items before Passover, at which point any traces of chometz would be batul (nullified).

            Another alternative would be to use a Kosher certified almond milk such as Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, which does not contain chametz and the kitniyot is batul (nullified).

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              Thank you! It's funny because I checked the 2010 OU passover guide and didn't see the comment about Almond Breeze. Where specifically did you find that info?

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                OU website, did a google search and it came up