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Mar 20, 2009 09:17 AM

Best Mexican in Lower Westchester?

My daughter the picky eater is at a sleepover tonight. What do people recommend in Tuchahoe and Yonkers? Thanks.

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  1. For Mexican???? Not much, maybe La Fonda Poblano in Yonkers but the area is much to be desired...Try New Rochelle, I've never gone but there are posts about good places there....

    1. Burrito Poblano on Main St in tuckahoe is AWESOME. I had their chorizo burrito tonight. The thing is very big and packed with chorizo, rice, beans, and comes with two hot sauces and sour cream. They also have fresh salsa that I love (you have to like cilantro to like their salsa).

      I have tried many things there and never had a bad meal

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        We didn't end up there but I definitely want to try it. Has anyone been to Little Mexican Cafe in New Rochelle? And do you know if Burrito Poblano has chili on the menu?

        1. re: mary30

          Little Mexican Cafe is quite good if a little short of the ultimate "Mexican" experience. I don't know if Burrito Poblano has chili on the menu -- I've never looked for it & I'm not sure that is where I would go for chili, which I don't think is Mexican...

          1. re: roxlet

            if you are looking for chili, you might find it more likely at a BBQ restaurant. This place was mentioned recently on the board in New Rochelle I haven't been, but from their website they seem to be proud of it. Based on their menu, I'm a little suspect on their actual BBQ, but the chili might be very good... worth a try, I suppose.

            1. re: adamclyde

              The Smokehouse's house chili is good, tasty, perhaps a bit too salty due to heavy use of bacon. I urge you to avoid their philly cheesesteak chili though. It's a mess. I don't really know of an amazing chili in the area. Would love to learn of some.

              1. re: adamclyde

                I'm definitely planning to try Smokehouse. Blue Moon in Bronxville actually has a decent chili. The Full Moon Chili is the spiciest one and it has big chunks of meat, no beans. But the atmosphere is pretty kid-oriented.

                1. re: mary30

                  I have heard some bad reports on Blue Moon for authentic Mexican...Roberto's Cafe in White Plains has wonderful, inexpensive, authentic mexican in a clean atmosphere...maybe not "kid friendly" but definitely really good.

                  1. re: gremlin608

                    Oh I don't really recommend Blue Moon. Bjut if you are with your kids, and you have to go there, you might want to order the chili.

                    1. re: gremlin608

                      roberto's is definitely kid friendly. But only if the jukebox isn't on full blast. I'm not one to get bothered by noise, nor by loud mexican music, but the jukebox there is so loud it physically hurt my ears. And it's happened more than once. Since I'm not really much of a fan of their food either, I tend to go elsewhere nearby for better Mexican in an atmosphere less abrasive to the auditory senses...

                      1. re: adamclyde

                        Yeah, I agree the loud Mexican music was a little much...but since it was lunch we only had to endure one song and we only had tacos, nothing else, and IMHO the tacos were quite good. I don't know if I would go for dinner, to me the sopes and tacos and tamales were more suited for lunch fare...not so much variety for dinner plates. And yes the music was LOUD and annoying but to be honest, I've never gone to an inexpensive authentic Mexican spot and not been subjest to the loud jukebox or Mexican videos on the TV or Mariachis.

          2. My son and I had delightful tacos at El Burrito Poblano in Tuckahoe tonight. The spicy pork was particularly delicious dressed simply with oinions, cilantro and lime juice. It wasn't al pastor, however.