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Mar 20, 2009 09:08 AM

Family friendly in San Diego.

In a drunken stupor I agreed to fly to San Diego with my wife, my mother-in-law and my FOUR kids who are all under FIVE years old. I was looking for a few suggestions of family friendly chow spots to hit while we are there. We are looking at dinner Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday (I'm going to the Padres Opening day with my 4.9 year old son on Monday) and one weekday lunch and one weekend lunch. My kids are well accustomed to eating out, but I'd like to avoid ruining anyone else's dining experience with my four little ones.

We dig fresh seafood (Illinois is not exactly a hot spot for that) and I think the kids should be exposed to some authentic Mexican, but we're open to anything good.

I appreciate the help in advance.

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  1. Chris, where are you staying, will you have a car, and how far are you willing to go for food?

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      [embarrassed] We're staying near the airport at a Homewood suites----I will have a car and am willing to travel a reasonable distance.

      I've been to Sushi Ota on a previous they do take-out??

      1. re: chris in illinois

        Sushi Ota does, and they did a great job of it for us. I even featured it in my list of "San Diego Take-out":

        Just call 15-20 minutes in advance and pickup, I usually start driving right after the call. Take out is win-win for everyone. =


        To balance our budget we split between rolls and sushi - we like their spicy tuna roll, tempura roll, caterpillar roll. Salmon belly is great, I think between the other sushi it'll be up to taste since they're all good.

    2. King's and The Fish Market are pretty family friendly, so if you happen to be near one of those you'll be alright for seafood. Where in San Diego are you going to be, and how far are you willing to travel from there (with the kids) for food?

      1. With 4 kids and the MIL in tow..I would keep the drunken stupor going.. ; )

        Homewood Suites is fairly new at the Liberty Station so you are close to Point Loma Seafoods for casual lunch...Tender Greens is excellent in that area too.
        Maybe the Brigantine in Shelter Island will be reopened after there remodel..great seafood happy hour in the bar and kids are welcome..some of the best fish tacos.
        Fish Market Downtown and Anthony's Fish Grotto is mostly fried fish but kid friendly and its right on the bayfront.
        Tin Fish next to Petco Park for opening day..we all will have our party hats on for opening day game..
        Las Cuatro Milpas in Barrio Logan is one of my fav's for Mex, along with Mariscos German, a taco truck that has some of the BEST Mex Seafood ever..
        El Indio near the airport on India would work for you all to have a good Mex meal for pretty cheap.
        Kings Fish House is a great place for fish and they have a location in Mission Valley that is 15 minutes from your hotel.

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        1. re: Beach Chick

          Thanks for the suggestions....several of those look to be just up our alley.

          Thanks again,
          I'll report back after the trip.

        2. Right down the street from you is Pizza Nova. Its very family-friendly, the food is very good, AND they take reservations. AND there is onsite parking.
          Pizza Nova
          5050 N. Harbor Dr.

          For seafood dont miss Point Loma Seafoods for a very casual lunch (ie counter service and outdoor seating right on the water).

          Point Loma Seafoods
          2805 Emerson St. (off Scott St.)
          San Diego, CA 92106
          (619) 223-1109

          1. I second Tender Greens. It's a sorta hip LA salad place, but the salads are artful and filling. The staff and layout are family friendly (ie strollers work there), and they'll do kid's stuff-- so you'll all eat well. Outdoor seating gives kids a lot of freedom, too. It's in Liberty Station with easy parking.