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If you knew when planning dinner, it would be your last...

What would be your final meal?

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  1. I'd go to a 24/7 buffet and sit there eating for another 10 years or so.

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      LOL. At least until the reaper came for you.

    2. demented, this is a tough one, i think I would have to say seafood! steamers, oysters, lobster on the grill..

      1. Yeah, me too. Lobster, abalone, razor clams, oysters...

        As an app, perhaps some foie with a nice fruit compote.

        Dessert.... probably a really, really good & dense mousse au chocolat.

          1. Simple. a fresh buffet of stone crab, mussels in a white wine cream sauce (my recipe) with the angel hair pasta, grilled asparagus and a good red wine, a good bottle of bourbon and 7 and baked figs stuffed with my prize winning filling and sauce. Oh yeah, I nice baguette with garlic for soaking up the sauce ... just one so I have room for everything else.

            1. The largest dry aged prime porterhouse ever.

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                Amen on the dry aged porterhouse....but I would expand the menu to:
                Smoked Scottish salmon on pumpernickel toast points with capers, red onion and horseradish, accompanied by a Johnnie Walker Blue on the rocks;
                A salad of grape tomatoes, celery, onion, hearts of palm, basil leaves, gorgonzola crumbles with balsamic vinegraite; garlic bread, roasted aspargus, stuffed baked potatoes, and the dry aged prime porterhouse, with a big red cabernet, such as Darioush, topped off with cheese cake and Green Mtn. Coffee. Such a meal.

              2. A perfectly presented small platter of our traditional makizushi with a mix of ingredients (does not include sashimi), our traditional (but mini) inarizushi, mini musubi, and a small bowl of miso shiru, cold sake. Eaten by hand. One hour.

                A small bowl of hot and sour and very spicy Schezuan vegetable & quail egg soup and a bit of steamed grouper with black beans and deep fried garlic, finished with molten toasted sesame oil, cold beer of choice. Chopsticks. One hour.

                A (again perfectly presented) large platter of very thinly sliced smoked duck, smoked salmon, smoked eel, rare roasted lamb, medium slow roasted goat, and relatively well done mutton served with both warm peasant bread (Tajik or Bolivian style) and Lao sticky rice; along with several different very spicy dipping sauces; accompanied by fresh and lightly steamed asparagus and artichokes; and by various fresh raw Asian greens, a hearty dry Cab. Eaten by hand. Two hours.

                A beautiful platter of slightly chilled fruit: rambutan, pomegranate, grapes, melons, pears, watermelon, dry modern German Riesling. Eaten by hand. Two hours.

                “Mexican combo plate” – but real, carefully home cooked and very beautifully plated mini enchiladas, mini chiles rellenos, and just a perfect bit of turkey mole, served with fresh hand made tortillas, ice cold beer of choice. Knife and fork. One hour.

                Cheese course of the world’s best cheeses. Unlimited wines of choice. Two hours.

                Homemade ice-cream and lots of good bourbon. Two hours – ten minutes for the ice-cream and treh rest of the time for the bourbon prior to ….!!!!

                1. Reeeeally slow cooking. I'm thinking of perfect beef stock that takes two days. Then think what you'd do with it. Perhaps open with French onion soup that will take forever to caramelize...then move forward. Still have to think on further courses.

                  More interesting topic than the Death Row last meal. This is more oriented to the delight of cooking and eating.


                  1. It would have to be something my grandmother makes:)

                    1. I couldn't eat, I love life too much.

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                      1. A huge barbecue with a small select group of people in the evening hour.
                        The barbecue would be handmade in a pit in the ground.
                        Different sausages to begin....chorizo the main sausage along with mustards and served with lots and lots of Patron and bourbon.
                        Then lamb roast and tenderloin and roast vegetables and a simple salad along with Malbec.
                        Key Lime Pie and Cuban cigars.

                        1. I think mine would be the dinner I had tonight. While certainly not gourmet, it was hot and filling and made by my SO's loving hands....Honey mustard chicken, buttered corn, mashed potatoes, and hot buttery bread. Absolutely delicious, makes me feel warm and cozy.

                          1. I would pull out all stops and it would be a long meal.
                            oysters,clams,prawns,lobster,scallops,spiny lobster(cold water)
                            sea bass,dolly varden trout,salt water brown trout,halibut,TUNA
                            rib eye,lamb loin,arse of the pig,BACON,trotters,liver; calf,lamb,goose or duck
                            carpacio of sirloin beef or elk or deer or moose or pronghorn or goat
                            at least 4 varieties of rice,potato dishes ? 6 ? ONIONS and botanical culinary relatives
                            ALL STONE FRUITS,blueberries,strawberries,
                            ALL green vegetables and legumes except ; limas,"green"peppers & NO OKRA
                            apple,chocolate,pear and cheese desserts
                            CHEESE, THE WINE CELLAR, COGNAC, MALT SCOTCH etc
                            At my age why sort and decide The list of things I like is long and impending doom if you will alters perspective

                            1. My Mother and girlfriend would help me cook it. Id start with a simple avocado and arugula salad dressed with olive oil and sea salt. Next would be a 'plat de mer' with bluepoint oysters, Maine sea urchin roe, lobster tempura, geoduck bodysack, osetra caviar and langostines, washed down with Chataux Carbonnieux and many fine trappist ales, followed by a red sauce Italian dinner with oxtail, pork skin, pork shoulder, homemade sausage, Braciole, lamb shank, my girlfriend's meatballs, and homemade pasta with Rapini, Arancini, and Escarole-white bean gratine on the side. I drink an Amarone as well as a bottle of Penfolds Grange from my birth year with it. After that would be the cheese course, with Point Reyes, Gruyer, and several raw sheep and goat cheeses with more Amarone. Dessert would be fresh figs, blood orange, dates, and a cinamon-chili dark chocolate cake, lemon sabayon, and almond biscotti with Vin Santo, Reciotto, a fine tawny port, grappa, and Woodford Bourbon. Id finish with a cup of black coffee and a Camacho 11/18 or a Padron 1926. And then I would die.