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Mar 20, 2009 08:55 AM

Lunch suggestion on South St.

I'm going into Center City tomorrow with a group of friends and would like a casual lunch spot in the vicinity of South Street, between 20th and 10th. We had lunch at the Pumpkin takeout place last time, but would like something a little nicer.

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  1. I'd go to Kanella, 10th and Spruce (a few blocks north of South St.) or Grace Tavern, 22nd and South, depending on which end of South St. you're going to be closest to. Kanella has way better food though, if you don't mind walking that would be my first choice. It's BYO.

    Ten Stone is at 20th and South, I haven't been there in years though so I can't vouch for the food. I'm not a huge fan of Apamate (16th and South), and they don't open till 2:30 pm, but if you're having a late lunch that could be an option.

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      Apamate (across the street from Pumpkin) actually serves brunch in the morning from 11 until 2:30. They used to serve pinxtos in the past at brunch that were very good but changed the menu a while back so now they have eggs, pancakes, omelettes, sandwiches, and baguettes. Unfortunately we were disappointed with the new menu (having eaten breakfast earlier in the day) and did not try the new menu when we went. The pinxtos were pretty good in the past so you may be ok.

      If it were me, I'd do the $30 p/p Estia lunch (across from the Academy of Music on Locust and Broad) with grilled octopus, whole fish, and dessert but that may be a bit extravagant for what you're looking for.

      Another idea would be to head up north a few blocks and have lunch at Tria on 18th and Sansom which is very good and reliable. I know they open at noon and get crowded shortly thereafter.

    2. Caribou Cafe is good for lunch; it is five blocks north of South Street, but it's between 11th and 12th, I think.