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Mar 20, 2009 08:50 AM

Yoko in Herndon is no more

Last night we discovered Yoko in Herndon closed and clearly gone--no hours posted on the door, no info about a different address. I haven't been past their Oakton location. We're going to miss Yoko's outstanding softshell crab tempura in its perfect ponzu sauce.

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  1. We liked Yoko a lot. Good food, very welcoming to our very young children, and the tempura fried cheesecake was the perfect decadent dessert for sharing. The green tea ice cream was the perfect lighter dessert.

    1. Agreed. We were shocked, as we were there almost weekly. We have visited the Yoko in Oakton, but were told they had no affiliation with the Herndon Yoko. It seems odd, as some of the decor resembles the Herndon spot.

      I would recommend the Oakton Yoko, but I must say that the the Herndon Yoko set the bar pretty high.

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        Has anyone been to the one over by Hunter's Woods in Reston?