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Minetta Tavern

Looking to go to Minetta Tavern in the near future - has anyone been since it reopened? I also heard it was really hard to get reservations - does anyone know their policy (when to call, how far in advance you can make a reservation, etc)?


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  1. i went on opening night and was surprised at how good everything was. i rarely go to mcnally restaurants due to my limited experience at morandi and balthazar...both mediocre meals in my opinion.

    i expected horrible service but everyone was absolutely pleasant and they totally have their stuff together...even on opening night. i had the black label burger and i actually thought it was fantastic even if its $26. all the burger needs is tomato and a pickle...the quality of the meat is superb.

    the souffles for dessert looked massive and delicious...i just couldnt eat one after our late meal.

    the place is absolutely charming...i can definitely see getting a drink and a meal at the bar...

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      I'm dying to try the Black Label burger...Great insight and feedback, Sam. Thx.


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        I will buy a $26 hamburger right after I book my next vacation to Venus.

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            I'd pay $26 for that burger in a heartbeat!

    2. I thought the scene was great, but the food was mediocre. Service was great!

      1. I have been thinking about going soon, too. Does it serve lunch?

        1. Totally great, go for the burger, go early, sit in the cafe

          1. I went tonight- They were telling people at the door that they were overbooked. Place had a great vibe- especially for a rainy Tuesday in the middle of a recession. Service was great- right after we sat down, they asked if we could move over a table. It was a complete no brainer but they immediately offered us a free drink for our inconvenience.
            I had the Minetta burger because I have read mixed reviews about the black label burger. I would go back and order it again in a heartbeat. Ordered it rare- and it was. I was less than impressed with the fries- no let me rephrase that- I wish that the fries had been as special as the burger.
            They completely won me over.

            1. Had an 11:00 reservation last night, and was seated a few minutes after we got there. The place was busy and hopping with the large staff attending to the tables. Service was very professional and on top of things. Me and my partner ordered the Black Label burger medium rare. Came out perfectly cooked and the flavor was excellent. Dry, and musty with a lot of beefy flavor. This is one burger that does not need any condiments. I asked for the sauteed onions to be served on the side. They were very good but I did not want anything to take away from that great burger flavor. Burger was served with a copious portion of fries, which are just like the ones that they serve at Balthazar, which are very good. Finished with their grand marnier souffle for 2 and a glass of Tattingers. The souffle was delicious, light and airy and served piping hot. For a place only opened for about a month it is running very smoothly. Looking forward to trying other items on their menu.

              1. I'm going tomorrow night and was wondering if any hounds know what to get other than burger? I know it's the thing to have and I'm sure it's as wonderful as everyone says, but what about the other entrees? Any appetizers besides the marrow stand out?

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                  Check out Bruni's 3 star review of Minetta Tavern in today's Times.


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                    While the burger is memorable, the entree's on the the "Grillades" section is where the real action is at. The new york strip I had there was fantastic and the other week they were offering a pork shop special, which was probably the best pork shop I've ever had. At $26 it's steal.
                    I can't help you out on the appetizers as nothing really wowed me yet, but just a warning...while delicious, the omelet is comically tiny.

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                      I assume you meant pork "chop" although when I drool I may also say pork "shop". I gotta get in there.

                  2. I read Bruni's review and am dying to go there for the burger and the cote de beouf. Oh yeah and the souffle too.

                    1. love the feel of this place....folks were great too! a few of our party showed up late - so we lost our reservation - but the hostess took our cell told us to grab a drink in the neighborhood. she called us 30 mins later - and were seated 10 mins after we got the call!

                      they must have one super hot broiler -- because the way the beef was cooked was so dreamy! Nicely seared but still perfectly rare! I die for their cote de boeuf..with the marrow slices!...i think about this dish pretty regularly. i have been to MT a couple times -- and ea. time - i forget what others are having - as I am distracted in anticipation of the boeuf.

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                        That's great... I really want to go tomorrow and try the burger but don't have a reservation. What do you guys think my chances are of snagging a table at 5:30 (dining solo)? I called and the gentleman who answered the phone said they will also sit you at the bar where you can roder the full menu. Is the bar a good experience?

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                          If you show up right at the start of dinner service, you should be able to grab a solo seat at the bar pretty easily. It seems that for lovers of dry-aged beef, the Black Label burger is the absolute best burger in NYC, with that minerally funk that isn't normally found in burgers of any type. The fries here are excellent as well. I also think the bone-in NY strip steak is one of the best in the city, and people have told me that the côte du boeuf for two can surpass the Luger porterhouse even on its best days. Hard to complain about slathering roasted bone marrow all over top quality dry-aged beef, though your cardiologist would faint if he was in the room.

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                            Yeah I have a tough decision to make. I am thinking either Spotted Pig or Minetta tonight, however if I do not get into Minetta there really isn't anything nearby I would want to try.

                        2. Anyone know if they've started serving lunch?